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Which season was better for you personally?


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The 09-10 season or the 10-11 season.

I am having a tough time deciding. Last year i killed 4 does. 2 recurve and 2 muzzy. I also watched my dad shoot a buck in the shoulder which we were unable to recover and helped my uncle track and recover his first recurve buck. I also watched my dad kill a 130 11 pt with his muzzy last year. I only saw 5 shooter bucks that year and i was unable to get a chance at any of them.

This year i killed 2 with the recurve. And zero with the muzzy. Although this season taught me alot of things. I saw more mature bucks then ive ever seen. I also filmed my uncle killing a 155 incher on a piece of property that was being cleared 2 weeks later. I need to post that video up. I also got some of the best trail camera pics ive ever gotten this year. I would say that because of the buck i harvested the 10-11 season was the best of the 2 for me.


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SE Ohio
It's a toss up, but I'd have to say this season was better. I have no hunted for myself since I killed my buck on November 8th, but I still had a great season. Given that I didn't kill a buck last year, I'll give the nod to this season despite killing a buck I'm not thrilled with. But a buck tag filled is a buck tag not eaten and I'm tired of that shit...


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North Carolina
Even though I had very little deer meat too show for it.... this season was by far better than last.... passed on more deer this year than any other that come to mind saw more but never let the arrow fly.... hopefully it'll pay off in the next couple of years lol.... time will tell.....


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10/11. Instead of just hunting 4 days, I picked up a bow and hunted a ton more! And I shot a deer, even if it was during muzzleloader. Probably my best deer season ever considering everything that I learned and some of the relationships I formed.


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9/10 by far..this year was a messed up year, hunting all new properties and having to start all over again, also i didnt get a buck this yr and had a trail cam stolen..in the 9/10 season i shot a doe and my only big (to me) buck with the bow.


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This season. It certainly had me frustrated at times, but I took my first two deer with a vertical bow, took my son hunting for the first time, and got my best buck to date.


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This was a bittersweet year for me. I killed my 160" 12pt on the 2nd night of season and filled my 2 antlerless permits plus 2 other does. This year I had one of my fishing buddies down hunting with me and he had alot of success. But with that a couple of my other buddies I have hunted the last 7 years with got totally pissed because I didn't hold their hands and put them on deer like I normally do. I just got sick of them not doing any of the hard work that goes into bow season like placing stands and scouting. There were 2 major blowups this year with that and I am actually kinda relieved that I'm done with those guys. I had a bad case of Gout all year that really made life uncomfortable, let alone hunting vary painful. I finally seen a Dr. and got it taken care of. So yea, the 2009 season was a helluva lot more enjoyable. I think getting my buck with 5 minutes left on the last day of Muzzy season last year was an awesome finish.


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Up Nort
This season.
I killed my first deer ever, with my crossbow and I shot my first buck ever with my shotgun on public land. I ended up with three deer so this season was truly blessed. I had a lot more sightings as well. I'll never forget this season, ever.


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Central Ohio
This year was a lot more fun because I removed a bunch of the self imposed pressures that I let drag me down. I went into the season working hard, scouting hard, and trying to think more about making each hunt the best it could be, which made me hunt harder. I started taking more pictures, and tying that into my hunting journal which was also lots of fun. Now I can look back on each of those hunts, and remember it just like it happened yesterday. The waterfowl season was fun TOO, because I was able to hunt with lots of good friends who carry the same passion. I think next season is only gonna get better if I can take the same attitude & approach to things.

Stuff is gonna happen, you're gonna miss shots, hunt the wrong stand, hunt the wrong conditions, and you're gonna mess up. But for me, if I can keep things in perspective, and just focus on learning something each and every time I go out then it's gonna be fun.


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Hudson, OH
Last year was better for me in terms of harvest. That said, I had access to much better property this year and as a result saw bigger bucks in the woods than I have in any previous year. I will still be giving it hell this weekend with hopes of making this season better than last.

lung buster

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hocking county
This season. With the lack of acorns last year it just plain sucked in these hills. This year there were too many acorns,lol. But what really made this the best one in 20 seasons was having my 5 year old son with me and seeing the excitement in his eyes when we finally dropped one! It was awesome! The first day we went out he was first to spot a small buck coming in. I had to explain that I couldn't shoot him, no buck tag, but he was pretty pumped over "our" first encounter. Next year is going to be even better. If the boy is ready, all my effort is going to getting him his first kill!!


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Last year I got my first archery deer and first handgun deer. I also dealt with terrible human intrusions while hunting. This year I had access to better property. Huge plus! I took my first archery buck! The buck didn't make the season better though. It was the mental game this year which was more intense. With all the human traffic last year I was simply putting in my time and hoping to luck into something. This year was more of a chess match. I enjoyed the season although I hunted less. I learned more as well. I am still thinking shooting the groundhog out of a tree with my bow AND getting it on film was a pretty good highlight! I also think watching the two grey fox come through while hunting the one evening was a big plus. Lots of things added up to making this season better than last. Biggest reason is I enjoyed myself more!


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NW Ohio Tundra
Both years have been good, but this year probably a little better as my son took his first deer ever at 8 years old and I was fortunate enough to kill a book buck in Ohio and Indiana in the same year. I also took my daughter, wife, and mother in law hunting with me in a blind and they all got to see a buck up close, that was awesome!


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Massillon, Ohio
Last year for sure. This yrs dissapointment was missing a buck down at jessies place....not shooting doe because I was waiting on a buck to come through and now I have a pocket full of tags and not one deer on the ground. I will never do that again...

I didnt see half the deer on my property that I usually do this year. It was horrible. No crops and tons of acorns really put a hurting on my deer sightings. I tried to put a bunch of corn out and still the sightings were very few and far in between. I honestly dont think the herd has dwindled much down there, they just ventured off to better food sources.