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Which trail cam for the cold weather?


Coshocton, OH
My $100 Moultree's last about a day in this weather. What trail cams work best in the dead of winter for you guys? I though my trophy cam might hold up well, but I wont find out since some cool guy tore the back half off of it to get it off my lock. I am looking to possibly get another one to try and help my dad scout who is late season hunting over corn. What do you recommend? Under $200.00.... Wish I could afford a buck eye cam, but can not at this time...

old hunter

Junior Member
Buckeye Cam,6500 pics, since last January,I have charged the battery twice.It is unreal on battery life, and everything else,shutter speed is phenominal.It is the black I.R.D.Apollo model.I have a Truth Cam 46,runs on 4, "D" cells.I have had it out 6 weeks right now and it is down to 60% life.It is great for the money,about $89,00. I have three Moultries,I get about 2 weeks on a charge in cold weather like now,6 volt rechargeable.


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My experience is limited to a Moultrie D40 which lasts 4-6 weeks in warm weather. Crap in cold weather. Then I have Trophy Cams which are excellent. Might consider another with a "Bear Proof Security Box". Good deal on them (security boxes) through Optics Planet right now.


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NE Ohio
My Bushnell has had the same battery's since May 1,2010
Just changed the card yesterday- 3/4 battery life left...


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Bushnell Trophy Cam... same set of batteries since December 2009 and running virtually nonstop... can't beat that for 200 bucks.