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Whitetailed Buck Deerz


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I was going through some pics looking for one in particular and I got thinking about all the deer I had pics of over the years that just vanished. As far as I know, none of these deer were killed and I never found them dead. Makes you wonder how many good bucks simply return back to the earth never to be seen or heard from again...

This deer was wounded by my cousin in 2006, but we never found him...

There's a chance these deer might still be alive...

Hard to tell, but this deer was in the 150's. He's the one I called Mr. P that I saw almost 20 times in August of 2009...



You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
I have wondered many times over the years about lots of different bucks I've encountered and where they had gone. I just figured they were poached or something because it seemed I never came across their pictures at the check in station, and some of these bucks were booner caliber but mostly 140 to 160's.