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Who need a gun


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NE Ohio
Gotta love "little old guys"
They remind me of my grandfather.:smiley_blink:
I'd like to see him with a stick bow to see if he'd be just as accurate lol.....

a man named art fishes my pond . he is 84 years old and makes everything he uses . from fishing gear to rifles . he has a falling block muzzle loader he made in 1964 . and when i say made i mean he made it all . he told me hoot if i only need one , or a couple bolts or screws i dont run to the hardware , i just make them .. so he told me at one time he used to shoot the bow and arrow , but he went to an allen compound when they came out , he still has it . one day while karen and i was going to shoot my course i handed him a 40 lb bear take down and said lets go shoot some arrows . he said he really thought he couldnt do it amymore but the gleem in his eye when he handled the bow told my i should push it .i toild him that there was 10 targets set at the bottom of the course in the pines and we would shoot them . i toed the stake and loosed an arrow . then i told him he could move up if he wanted . he said he thought anybody should be able to hit a deer target from there . well to make a long story short . he killed 9 out of ten targets . and said i used to be alot better at this ..


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I bet ol' Rufus would make a good neighbor. Probably education oozing out of him you will never get in school. Hoot's friend might be Rufus' cousin or something. Nice story Hoot!