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Who would you like to meet, Dead or alive?


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Personally, I would love to have meet my Dad's father. I hear all the stories of how he was an awesome outdoorsmen, pool player, and beer drinker. He held me when I was a few weeks old for the first time the night he died. He went out like a champ, right on the crapper:smiley_bril:

Number one on my famous person list is Billy the Kid. I love the Young Guns movies and I have read every book that mentions him. I'm just fascinated by his stories and how he lived


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Dang! Before I even read your post and just saw the thread title I immediately thought of Billy the Kid.

The person alive that I'd like to meet is Slash and drink some beer with him and just listen to road stories.

Since Billy the Kid is taken, the other dead dude I'd like to meet is George Washington and hear all the stories directly from him about the French and Indian War, Revolution, and his administrative period.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Dead: Hank Williams Sr. - Would be flat out awesome to hear some stories and figure out what goes on inside a persons head to write country songs like he did.

Not sure about my "alive" one yet, I will get back to you on that one...


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Massillon, Ohio
Alive = i'd like to hang out with Adam Sandler....I bet that would be a blast

Dead = My Grandfather (dads dad)...none of us grandkids got to meet him, he died when my dad was 21


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NW Ohio
Dead- My Great Grandfather. Would love to hear stories about his "taxi cab service" in SE Ky during the depression. Used to make runs up to Lexington every weekend to haul people around. Or maybe he was just making deliveries like the Duke Boys?:smiley_chinrub:

Alive- Can't think of anyone. I figure no matter how much money, fame, or fortune someone has, they all have their flaws. Jennifer Aniston would be a fantasy, but I might find out she is a grumpy hag in real life and it would ruin it for me. lol


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North Carolina
Dead, my Maternal Grandfather..... He was a Carpenter who built the house I grew up in... He passed when my Mom was 10...... I've heard a lot of good stories about that man..... Just would like to sit down and listen too his stories.....

Alive????? I'll get back with you cause right now I can't think of anyone worth my time too waste lol..... Famous wise rotflmao
Thats a tough one..Dead would have to be one of the great bow hunters/archers,Fred Bear,Howard Hill,Ishi(with a translator)Saxton pope an Arthur Young..
Alive...Ted nugent(for politics not hunting) Congressman Ron paul,Randy Ulmer,Chuck Adams...

Its hard for me to choose just one for each


The Crew
Deceased - JFK that way I could find out how good Marylin really was..........:pickle:
John Lennon, John Wayne, Bruce Lee to name a few, man I could go on and on.

Alive - Donald Trump I know he has some good stories..


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Dead- My Grandpa. I was around 7 when he died on the day before my birthday, and i dont really have any memorys with him. I'd love to meet him again.

Alive- KVD or Obama, and i'd hit him!
dead- Howard Hill now there was a traditional archer with a plan. Got atractive women to come to his range and shoot recurves in sun dresses. On top of that he helped advance our sport in many ways.
Alive- Well I cant thing of anyone worth while.