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Who's packin'!!


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Kingston, OH
We just took our CCW class this past weekend. Pretty excited to get my permit. Curious who on here packs and what works best for you guys. I'm gonna try a couple different holsters and see what I prefer. Just looking to get suggestions as to how everyone else carries. Thanks in advance.


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I carry a Taurus Millennium Pro .45. Strong side hip with a Bianchi Minimalist holster.

Right holster... Wrong gun.. And i cut off that stupid rubber retention ring.. Short of cartwheels the gun stays seated just fine.



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When I carry my Sig I use the Crossbreed Super Tuck. When I carry my Kahr (a much lighter gun) I use a nylon webbed holster that fits between my belt and pants. I find myself carrying the Kahr more lately since it is a much lighter gun. I am considering purchasing a Super Tuck like holster for my Kahr because I much prefer the concealability of those styles of holsters.

Good luck!


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I carry this puppy. Love it. Sig P238 liberty. I'm not a big dude, so this fits my lady hands real well. Had a Khar PM9 that only fired when it felt like it...got rid of that stupid piece of crap. Bought a generic inside the waistband holster similar to the one Jackalope posted but with a belt clip instead of the loops. It just disappears.
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NE Ohio
Sweet looking gun Willy!
I would love to see a couple more picts of in on the gun porn thread.


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Allen County
I posted this same reply for Tree Monkey, but it applies here too. :smiley_bril:

A CCW is a very personal choice and so are the ways to carry them.

A few things to consider:
* Don't get caught up in the "caliber wars".
* Small handguns and large calibers don't mix.
* Don't go cheap. This is your life you're talking about. There's a difference between cheap and inexpensive.
* Shoot what you intend to carry...before you purchase. Kramer's in Celina has an indoor range and a good selection of handguns to try out. It's money well spent, considering how much a handgun will cost.
* Snub-nosed revolvers are easy to hide, comfortable to carry, extremely reliable and affordable.
* Make sure the handgun fits your hand...and your wallet...in that order.

What ever you purchase, be certain to check around on prices. Kramer's is a good place to SEE handguns, but not to purchase. Check out TNT Firearms in Findlay (near the airport). Bud's Gun Shop (online) will help you get an idea as to what most handguns should cost.

Here are a couple of forums to sort through, that may help your decision.

Good luck with your choices!
Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Kingston, OH
I spent some time Friday evening lining up the laser on the Bodyguard....very pleased so far. Thanks for all the info guys and I will keep ya posted how the gun is workin' for me.