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Why do I do this to myself...


Senior Member
Hudson, OH
So I spent a little over 6 weeks outside Detroit for work this summer and stayed about 30 min from the Cabelas in Dundee. I would go there and walk around aimlessly looking at everything that I would like to have but don't need. Ultimately I would leave empty handed unless I picked up something for my 6 month old son.

Now I have been in Charlotte here and there so tonight took a stroll through Bass Pro. Just as I did this summer, I walked around looking at all the cool mounts, all the gear, and all the cloths that would be nice to have, but again, don't need.

So why is it that I put myself through the torture of looking at all the shit all the while knowing I am going to get my ass kicked at home if I drop a couple hundred dollars for the hell of it?

One thing though is that it is always impressive to just check out all the different mounts at these places.


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
I am close to both a BPS and a Cabelas. Unless I NEED something I don't go. If I have to have it I have the cash in hand before I go. I just can't "walk around".


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Last time I was at Bass Pro I was very proud of myself. I bought a trailer just down the road from the BPS and needed one thing. Went in, picked it up, paid, and left. I felt like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar and just eating a greasy burger and drinking a Pepsi and walking out. It is probably not much easier for us to go into a Cabelas or Bass Pro and not buy anything than it is for a recovering alcoholic to go into a bar and not drink.


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
last time I went to tbass pro I got 150.00 in gift cards for free just to look at atime share. Pretty cool. I let them do their shpleel and said sorry guys cant afford it and left with my gift cards. Pretty sweet deal.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I spend like there is no tomorrow. Fortunately, I married a women that doesn't say anything about it! If I go into a Bass Pro or a Cabelas, you can bet your ass I'm dropping a few bills in there. I've still not learned the difference between wants and needs, and most likely I never will. Hence the reason we are still DINK's!!!


Active Member
Norton, OH
I can do pretty good when I am in places like that. Gander is my biggest one, I have 2 within 30 minutes, plus I used to work there so occaisionally if someone I know is working, they slip me their discount. But, lately I have been pretty good about not buying something unless I needed it or it was for an incredibly great price.


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Central Ohio
I do the same thing..... and it's tough. Work has me all over Ohio & KY, so I hit the BPS in Toledo, Cinci, and even the one in Louisville KY. Then there's The Fin up in Ashland that usually calls for a stop too. Normally I just walk around and look at stuff. If I do buy something it's only when it's on sale & I know it's a heck of a deal, but I always think do I really "need" this? Most of the time I don't.

With a wife working only 15 hours a week, two kids, a dog, and being the primary bread winner, we watch the spending as tightly as possible. I'm trying to take the cash approach this year, and only buy something when I've got the cash in hand from some gear that I've just sold.