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Why is it that?


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My wife called me up stairs to help her do something. It is now about an hour or so before I usually eat lunch. So on the way past the fridg. I take a look to see what we have. Planning ahead you know. Wife” What you just ate breakfast and you are already looking for something else to eat?” Me “no IM just looking to see what we have” :smiley_cook:

What is it with women I couldn’t care less what she does around the house. She is always doing something. Cleaning putting out decorations for the up coming holiday taking down the junk from the last holiday. Summer working around in the flower beds. I never feel the need to make comments about what she is doing.:smiley_cleaning:

It seem like no matter what I am doing she wants to know what IM doing and why!:tantrum:

Are all women like this?:smiley_angellove:

We have been married for 30 years. :smiley_crush:Seems like she could learn to leave me be. Or Id just be use to it. I just look at my daughter and say “her nose is getting in the way again”:smiley_blackeye:

There I just used more smilies than I ever have before....:smiley_blablabla:
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North Central Ohio
Your not alone Buckrun. My wife does the same thing to me.

Doesn't matter if she is at work because she calls home at least once a day just to check up on me. If I go hunting she calls right in the middle of the best hunting light to see whats going on and what time I'm going to be home even if I tell her before I leave the house.

We never ask our wives what they are doing because for once they are TOO busy to be asking us questions lmao. Not too mention they get busy enough to finally leave us alone for more then 10min. and we don't want to disrupt our quiet time :D.


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Sunbury, OH
I try to fight the "Busy Body" in my wife all the time. For some reason they like to :horse: I am trying to train it out of mine. Shock collars work great!



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Hmmm. . . let's see. I have eaten today. Twice. Getting ready for third. Empty trash cans with my son. Picked up. Vacuumed all but my daughter's room and the living room. Changed some laundry. Talked with Gern about meeting up this afternoon. (By the way, he is having fun killing coyotes. No wife bothering him today. Lucky bastard.) Taken care of the dogs. Filled the fire. Probably a couple things I am forgetting. Sure as shit, she will walk in and see me logged in here for 5-10min and I will catch the riot act. We still love them. Just the nature of the beast. I am sure there is plenty about us that pisses them off too.