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Wicked Lights ScanPro IC ultimate head lamp kit

I received this as a early Christmas present from my wife and girls. I told my wife I wanted a scan light for when I go out calling instead of using my kill light on my rife. That gun gets heavy fast as you use that as your scan light as well. I had seen these in the past but was worried about the price, even though it's a middle of the road price when looking at night hunting lights. I wanted the 3 different led bulbs, so these light could have dual purposes, home, deer recovery, camping, and night hunting. Always help to justify to my wife how this is actually a cheap investment when you break down it's a multipurpose tool!!!

This was purchased on Ebay for $140.00
3 interchangeable LED bulbs Green, Red, and White
2 Lithium rechargeable batteries.
2 battery Charging cradle
110V Charging plug
Car port charging plug
Padded Case.
Adjustable zoom focus
Adjustable intensity knob, allows you to set intensity before turning it on.
Adjustable/Locking or free moving position knob.

So far out of the box, it feels very solid and well built. It is easy to use and makes scanning at night easy while keeping your hands free. I have only used it one night but so far it has been awesome to use. The ability use low intensity levels, does put strain on your eyes, and still gives you the ability to brightly light up the eyes out quite a distance.



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NW Ohio
Yup! I stupidly only took the shotgun out 2 nights again and wouldn't ya know it ....80-90 yds there sits a coyote with in 2 seconds of having my light on! Just out of range for my gun and choke.......Still kicking myself for not taking my rifle for that sit.
Geez! You must be covered in coyotes. I've been out twice. No vocals. No visuals. Not saying there aren't any in the area. Just didn't see or hear any. You better get them killed soon before they are onto you.


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Nice! I really like mine TOO...

I purchased the same one roughly around the same time. Works really well in the open field areas that I hunt half the time for coyotes, however the other half is when I get into the heavy brush and creek areas. That's when I take my12g semi-auto loaded w/ #4 Buck Magnum 41 pellets in each round, a high intensity minor white light above my cap and a 1000 lumen barrel strapped smail size flashlight w/ the pressure switch underneath the forearm of the rifle.

I usually hear them howling away real close to our home. Just before I leave the house to head down our creek, I'll always have my shotgun in my hands ready to rock & roll.

Good times!!!
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