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Wind direction influences?


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Allen County
I've noticed a consistent fish activity with wind direction during open water. An example is, "least from the east", is an open water standard pretty much all the time. Some fish will bite, but not as much as they do on days with a west wind.

East and North winds usually slow, if not shut the fishing down. I was out yesterday with an east wind and couldn't buy a fish.

Does this apply to ice fishing, since there are no direct wind influences on the water?

Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.
Thank you, Bowhunter57
It pertains more too the barometric pressure then the wind. East wind is usually right before or after a front, and usually a cold front. Steady west or southwest winds usually mean steady pressure. A drop in pressure will slow fish activity down, sure they will bite, but its a lot slower then having a steady week of barometric pressure which usually contains west winds.


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Walbridge oh
I think thats what shut them down on sunday was a front that moved in and created the high winds. Either that or the shantie was shaking so bad from the wind that the noise scared them away lol!!!!