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Winds out of the east?

There's an old saying about wind direction with fishing that goes, "fishing is the best, from the west and the least, from the east".

The last 2 or 3 days the wind has been out of the east or north east and the only thing I've been seeing has been squirrels. It's like the deer have moved to another county. Previous days have been showing a lot of activity.

Have any of you guys noticed that the hunting generally sucks, when the winds are out of the east?

Thank you, Bowhunter57


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Hunted Sunday and Monday with wind from the north/NE. Saw NO deer Sunday...not even while driving before or after hours. Hunted sunup to sundown Monday and was thinking about wind and realized midday that this was completely opposite of any other time I'd been there at this location and that the deer would come from the opposite direction that I'd ever observed there before. Sure enough, at 6:45PM, here he comes from the west, pretty as you'd please. Looking at the long range forecast for Sat the wind is supposed to be W/NW, which bodes well. If'n I sneak in early all smoked up some does will come strollin by.

Funny you bring this up, because this weekend was really the first time I was "thinking ahead" about and analyzing wind effects on my setups. Mainly I just hunt when and where I can, seizing every opportunity, but now that I have 3 solid properties to pick from and multiple setups, I can be more selective and will have to start taking wind into consideration. And right now, I'm without a good north wind option.

And ditto what Hoot said about smoke. That dude passed within 15-20 yards dead downwind of me and didn't flinch (and I was on the ground).
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Seen the walleyes shut down many times when the wind shifted from the east.

I had never heard it would affect hunting but I was worried about last night's set up. I just figured I would have deer come in down wind and bust me. Well I did have that spike down wind, but he was so worried about other things he never picked up my scent.


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hunting in these hills the wind blows in circles , thank brock for smoke .

Roger that good buddy! I generally pay attention to wind as to not press my luck. But I don't let it dictate where I hunt...

As for an east wind shutting down deer activity, I have never heard that before. However, I can see how that would be something that could effect deer. They are so in turn with the barometer, it does not seem to be a stretch to think that something about the conditions that bring a rare east wind, bothers them to a degree. Be interested to know if there is anything behind that...