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Winter Flocks


Senior Member
Been seeing some strong numbers of winter flocks!

Flock on the farm behind the house, where I shot my big double a few years ago, is probably 30 birds strong. 2 fields on the way to town that are always good have the normal 20 and then probably 50 in the other one (it's a hunting mecca, this morning there were 10 deer out there)

Maybe it will be a good season if they all make it through winter!

I will try to get some pictures...


*Supporting Member*
Ive been seeing some winter flocks pop up in places Ive never seen them, it will be interesting to see where they end up come March when they all split.

I reside in a 15-40 bird harvest a year county so I hope they start spreading out a little more.


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
I have been seeing on a regular basis a flock of about 40 hens and 7 jakes on my trail cams. Still no longbeard to be seen. I am going down Saturday to pull my cams. I hope to see some longbeards on them strutting their stuff.