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WTF is that???

JD Boyd

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This is always nice. Why the rifle???


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North Central Ohio
That's just plain crazy man. Looks like the guy with the rifle was squirrel hunting and the guy driving must have wanted to show his buddy what he had found earlier. Gotta love people dickin things up and don't have permission to even be there. Only thing worse is a guy that is allowed there and screwing up everybody else lol. Had that happen a few years ago and that really sucked. Had a guy riding his quad with his kids and dog right along with him. Would go in there every week and dick it up.

Hope they stay away and let things happen on there own and not try to push things and screw you up man.


You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
Like I said..nail strips

X3 or razor wire! Lol

Dickwads they are!

I see two different quads and 3 different men. First guy looks older and prolly older relative two the last two younger guys. They look awfully comfortable together. The back guy has his right leg resting up on the front rack of the quad. Buncha queers! Lol

So much for my evaluation from the iphone. haha Same quad and driver with a passenger later toting a rifle.
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Do you know them JD? Do they have permission? I guess we all assume they are trespassers, but your question leaves some room to make assumptions.


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Gods Country
It sure looks like they know their way around. Hope they have permission cause if not o would have their butts in a sling with the law.