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WTF Trail Cam Pic's 2021

I dont think its anything on the lense. Its beyond the corn stalks in the picture. Im headed back there tonight to investigate tracks in this spot. Here is blowup of computer picture.

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It is quite obvious what we are in fact looking at! This is a classic tear in the space/time continuum leading to another dimension. The most likely cause is recent solar flare activities and as usual they heal themselves quite quickly! The fact that there are several whitetail deer tracks in the area is explained by the fact that ungulates are naturally curious animals. Further, if you look quite closely with your 3rd eye you will see one less track leading away from the anomaly. The true mystery of this is where in fact that deer went to. My learned postulation is to another dimension!
Damn these gummies I ordered through the links here are tasty!


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Thinking rear end of a black skunk?
I think we have a winner. Got this pic this eve.


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Trying to figure this one out. I thought maybe a mane? Maybe a tuft of hair ruffled up? Yet, it seems to split and come out like a tail on both sides of his neck. Think I'm going to consider it a mullet. 😁

Maybe a squirrel tail hanging down? He has a squirrel saddles up on his neck? Weird.