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What’s This Frog/toad thing? I almost mowed over it with the lawn mower today so I assumed WTF measures, rescued it, snapped a couple photos, and placed it deeper into the woods to be saved. It looks like a toad (circumference the top of a “pop” can), it jumps like a frog, and it has suction cup fingers that stick to anything as I rolled it around this flower pot while snapping photos. He’s neon green with a couple small black pepper spots and a couple small black back
stripes. I’ve never seen such a critter before. Am I putting too much fertilizer in my pond? WTF?


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Yeah. But. That looks more like a toad than any of the tree frogs I've seen. I've only ever seen the long skinny smooth one's


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Funny story... Our neighbors went on a 3-week vacation a few years ago, and asked us to watch their pets. A Labrador, their chickens, and the son had a “pet” gray tree frog. At the end of the 3 weeks, I was ready to kill that frog. The dog and chickens were a piece of cake to deal with. The frog, however, was a pain in the ass. Catching insects and flies for it to eat was easier said than done. And every night it was croak and sing in its terrarium. Much louder than you can imagine!


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three years ago I had one of them in the house with me all winter. Nancy winters some of her outdoor potted plants in our spare bedroom/pantry/storage. all of our canned goods and bulk food stuffs, paper products, etc. we keep the door closed and it stays pretty cool in there with two exterior walls. I kept hearing something chirping once in a while from my office, which is across the hall, but the door is always closed, so I could never quite make it out. eventually, I left the door open and started looking to see what the hell it was every time I heard it. sometime near the end of February (plants had been in the house since November) I finally found the little fucker. we had a big laugh about it and I started killing flies or whatever I could find to feed it until we put the plants back outside, probably in April. frog was still in the planter when we put them out, and it disappeared back into the yard. I don't know how that frog survived for three months in there. couldn't have been anything to eat at all. it was making noise the whole time, so I don't think it was hibernating. pretty cool little frogs. we have a few around every summer.


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the hell if I know. must have been enough moisture in the soil, although those plants don't need or get much water over the winter as they are essentially dormant. I have no clue as to how that thing lived for so long in there.


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My brother use to loose his shit over those little guys singing at night all around his pool and deck. Said they kept him up. I'd see him out there at night with flashlight trying to find em to relocate down the woods. lol
Is it funny that when I seen this thread he was the first one I thought of lol. I remember that thread and how they drove him nuts lol.