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Thanks for all the well-wishes boys -
It was quite a morning - seeing deer is never an automatic for me, and I quite frankly had zero expectations, was just going for tradition.
Hadn't been to the property for months, just walked in blind. But I love that stand, love being there. Love watching the sun come up.
Love nodding off for a couple minutes. I'd woke up from a little nap, took some pictures of the sun coming thru the trees, and was watching the woods to my left side and saw three deer. Didn't hear them at all - it was misty wet. Waited for her to come into the right spot, she stopped perfect, was able to take my time on the aim, squeezed it off, heard the thwock sound, classic mule kick, knew it was over. It was almost unreal, how it was like being scripted.
Still had the shakes a little afterwards. I'd said my prayers and asked His blessing the night before, and gave my sincere thanks afterwards. And don't think that my picture with the deer means I take her lightly or disrespect her - when I laid hands on her, I thanked her and promised to work fast and try not to waste anything. Even the gutting went well. I will say, when I walked up on her I was kinda freaked out a little by her face - if you zoom the picture you see her eyes were black and mouth looked like a sci-fi alien. Ugliest doe I've ever shot.

I am now officially on the hunt for a game cart. Only drug her about 100 yds and was glad when it was done.
Since my goal this year is my first public land kill, this will be essential equipment.

And by the way - the ODNR game app for licensing and checking deer is the berries, just plain tits.