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Youth Season


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Anybody else taking kids out to whack some ducks this weekend? I'm heading up to Sandusky Bay to guide a couple young guns on their last youth hunts Saturday and Sunday. The i-Kam extreme video glasses will be on my face so I should get some pretty cool footage. According to the weather men, the forecast looks like prime duckslaying conditions.


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Central Ohio
Anybody get into some birds?

The weather this weekend sure felt like duck hunting weather more than it did bow hunting weather...


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Damn, I am whooped LOL. Took a couple kids out for the youth season and me and a buddy did most of the work. It was a great time, though. Saturday evening they got 6 wood ducks and a drake mallard. This morning they ended up with three geese. The weather was great for duck hunting... but a north wind really wasn't the best for the blind we were in, so it actually should have been better. I didn't end up getting much video footage because it was raining and I didn't want to ruin the i-Kams. If I get time tomorrow I'll try to upload something.
Our club hosts a youth waterfowl hunt and after , with the help of Pheasands Forever
We have a small pheasand release & hunt for the kids

This year I believe there was 5 youth waterfowlers
And a total of 8 for the pheasant hunt

Well it rained all morning while we hunted waterfowl
So I left the camera in the truck

5 kids
5 seperate blinds
1 guide...... A club member to call , 1 parent , 1 kid ( 1 older kid just went with a guide )

With a combonation of to much cloths and the rain
This years harvest was down
But several kids got at least 1 bird , 1 young man shot most of a box of shells but never touched a bird
Even the young lady with her single shot 410 that baged a woodie

We were lucky , the rain let up enough for the pheasant hunt
The kids were broken up into 2 groups

Just before we headed out
The farther of 1 of the youngsters had enough of his sons attitude and they left

So our group headed out and got a few pheasands and missed a few
But everyone had a good time

I didn't stick around for the 2 group to come in
But I understand they had a good time also

Noah my nephew ended the day with 2 Woodies and a pheasand

So this AM I took Noah out again
This time we had the club to ourselves
And we had our choice of blinds

We headed out to a blind along a large area of flooded weeds & some Millit

Well we saw a decent number of birds
But most wanted to land in the middle , not on the edge by the decoys
But we ended up with a BW Teal , a hen mallard and lost a drake mallard in the 5' high switch grass

We were just about to leave when we saw a pair of geese heading our way

A few honks and a little flagging
And they were coming in feet down
Well both ended up on the ground

And to top the fact that he had just gotten his first double on geese
One had a band

It will probely be a few days before he will loose the grin
But that is why I love taking kids hunting

And the end of the hunt tailgate shot from today



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Looks like your nephew had a couple great hunts out there. Congrats to him, especially on the goose band! That is awesome!

That mallard kind of looks like a drake with eclipse plumage in the pics... we saw a bunch of eclipse drakes this weekend.