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Youth season

Youth season: Good or bad experiences

  • I don't hunt that weekend because I don't want to have a deer shot out from under me.

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Shermans Dale, PA
Well shoot.... Looks like if I make it back I'll be hunting during the youth season.

Has anyone bow hunted during the youth season? If so did it screw up the hunt or help it?


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I has nill affects. The deer are moving all day do to the rut. This is one of my favorite weekends at camp. I usually see Big Boy on his feet that weekend.


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Deer are moving like crazy but aren't quite 'educated' from the gun blasts. Last year on the other side of the farm I was guiding a youth on, a guy shot a buck and a doe from the same stand, same morning.


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I'll admit it... I said I hate it. It's never really had any adverse effects on my hunting success, but I just don't like it. I think kids these days are getting spoiled by all the youth seasons. Sorry if I sound like a dick... I've just seen too many unappreciative punks shooting deer during youth weekend and then totally take their experience for granted. IMO, they'd appreciate the experience of hunting even more if they actually had to work for their success... but that's a whole 'nother topic in itself.


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It depends where I go. If I head to the Sportsman's Club I belong to, you might as well forget it. There are deer drives going on all day. Yes, that can increase sightings, but it is a madhouse.

On the private property I hunt, it was like any other day.