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Yuengling in Ohio


Senior Member
Supporting Member
Central Ohio
I don't understand how Texas and Washington state have it and Ohio doesn't.

Brewing capacity... as they said, “Ohio is one of largest states in the country and in terms of beer consumption"

Guess Texas & Washington can't hold their own with Ohio when it comes to drinkin' beers!! :smiley_clap:

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Never had it, what's it compare TOO?

Kind of hard to explain as far as my taste for it goes, in my opinion, kind of a mix between a regular Domestic beer such as a Budweiser and a Sam Adams or other rich Lager. But I'm weird about a rich lager taste, so someone else can probably give a better description.

It's a great supper beer, not sure that I could sit down and drink a 12 pack of them like Busch Light, but I will definitely keep them on hand!

Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
It compares to gold. Or horse piss. Depends on what state you're in.

I've drank my share of it and can't stand it. My buddys from PA drink it by the pitcher, all the freaking time. I couldn't drink it.

Come back to Ohio for the summer and I've had 3 bottles of it and it tastes like GOLD! No idea why but damn its soo good. I'm literally targeting a weekend soon when I can hop over the line for a few cases. When my brother comes to visit me in PA he brings cases back for his coworkers and makes a hardy profit! SMUGGLING!