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Zero Turns.


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NW Ohio
Spent some $, got a bad boy maverick 54 at RKO
Be sure to send a pic when you join the club. All the cool kids are doing it. 🤣

I did this on my own property. On a customer we wouldn't chance it. On my lot? Whatever. Full send!


This one was opposite corner of a customer. Looks like one of my competitors got it stuck and left it there. 🤣


Clay Showalter

Southern member northern landowner
Guilford County
Might be getting sooner than later, I find it nuts that they don’t want you to service the hydro transmissions on these things. My right one is not pulling like it should. Gonna see if I can change the fluid. I mean this toro ss5060 only has 1500 hours on it. @hickslawns can you service the commercial ones?

too many hours of hauling my fat ass all over.