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Brock/Mason, 2017

sorry Brock. had no intention of hijacking your journal. I can't explain why we went from squirrel hunting to bowfishing so quickly, but this is important stuff.

hopefully, the weather/water conditions allow some fish sticking this spring. if we're lucky, the best bowfishing guide on the Big Walnut will show us the way again.

brock ratcliff

Senior Member
Finished out the deer season this week with a doe, harvested with my dad's recurve. It's been in the family for over 57 years now and that was the first deer it's killed. Pretty special to me.
Mason and I have had a great hunting season. He wrapped his up last night by shooting a doe with his recurve. His friend was with him and videotaped the encounter since I was working. Sadly, we spent today on a fruitless search. I have no idea how we did not find the deer yet. It's sickening. Even with this unfortunate event, we have had a fantastic season and we will look back at it fondly!


*Supporting Member*
It's been said a million times... But the threads with you and Mason are the best, really enjoy reading them.. You guys really have a great thing going. Good Luck in 2018 and keep up the good work....