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Recent content by Quantum673

  1. Quantum673

    Veterans of TOO.COM

    Only photo on my phone. I will try to dig out my photo box one day.
  2. Quantum673

    The TOO dump thread

    Hope he heals up quick and completely. Really hate to hear. I can only imagine the pain. Oh man!
  3. Quantum673


    That is for another thread not this one as Chance isn’t looking for a lease and the OP isn’t trying to sell a bow. In my opinion.
  4. Quantum673


    That “other guy” is still on the forum. Not sure why you feel the need to bring him into this.
  5. Quantum673


    Welcome to the site. Pull up a chair and join in on the fun. Good luck on your search. Not sure how much info on leases you will get here. Let us know what area you are looking for and someone might be able to point you in a direction.
  6. Quantum673

    Vintage Reels

    Probably @Dustinb80 if I had to guess. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Quantum673

    jerky guns

    I read it the same as you Jamie. If you are doing 2 lbs then that should be one packet according to those directions. From my packet of backwoods seasoning it states 1tb 2 1/4tsp of seasoning per pound of ground. 1/4 tsp of cure per pound of ground. I would think it would be similar for all brands.
  8. Quantum673

    Strouds 2021: Week of October 11-17, 2021

    It’s official!
  9. Quantum673

    Lake Erie Charter fishing

    If you need someone to fill a spot I will chip in. Never been to Erie. Always up for trying new water.
  10. Quantum673

    Veterans of TOO.COM

    Damnit J. Don’t encourage him. 😂😂😂
  11. Quantum673

    jerky guns

    I use the LEM gun. No issues at all with it.
  12. Quantum673

    Live from the stand 2021/22

    Congrats Kevin!
  13. Quantum673

    College Football Thread

    I will say it would have been a different game if Williams did not get hurt. Would it have been enough for Bama to repeat the SEC championship game? Who knows it is very difficult to beat the same team twice in such a short period of time. In this game GA was the better team. They deserved the...
  14. Quantum673

    Tow rig/daily driver

    Just pulled mine up $55k on trade. Very tempting if I didn’t have to pay the stupit high prices to replace it.