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  1. brock ratcliff

    Redneck afternoon

    After reading the thing in the deer forum about the mystery object in that fellas deer, I got to thinking about shooting my pellet gun a bit. So, my 8 year old and I strolled out to re-sight it with some new pellets. After getting it dialed in, we took a long hike through our woods (about...
  2. Schu72

    Afternoon Turkey Hunting

    I've never done it, but might need to this year. Anyone have any suggestions? I will be hunting after work so I'm talking late afternoons to evenings. Do you still call the same as early in the day? Or is it just a roost site ambush?
  3. S

    Hunting in afternoon

    Can some one give me some help on stand placement in the afternoon. I am hunting what is often called hill country, I mean for every 60-75 acres there is about 1 acre of flat ground that's it. I have some good am spots. But afternoon hunts are tough, cant hunt ridge tops pm thermals carry scent...