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Hunting in afternoon


Junior Member
Central Md
Can some one give me some help on stand placement in the afternoon. I am hunting what is often called hill country, I mean for every 60-75 acres there is about 1 acre of flat ground that's it. I have some good am spots. But afternoon hunts are tough, cant hunt ridge tops pm thermals carry scent down both sides of the ridge, I know because I got busted on both sides of the ridges in one evening. To much swirling wind in the draws to hunt there.

So should I try half way down the ridge. I'm at home on fairly flat ground, but still struggle in this hilly terrain.



Senior Member
Wouldn't that give you a cross wind? So getting right below the deer trail would keepyour scent down the hill and out of their noses?

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SE Ohio
On our farm, the deer come off the ridges in the evenings and head for lower ground more often than not. Some of my best stands are in the creek bottom or on the way to the bottom along a shelf. I smoke up, so I have little worries about the wind and thermals. But as the deer come in from above you, your thermals will be sinking, so getting halfway from the ridge to the bottom is a great tactic around here in the afternoons.


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Massillon, Ohio
Looking forthe shleves in te middle of the hills is the best I can do for ya...I get just above them when I hunt the hills down on my property.