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Afternoon Turkey Hunting


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I've never done it, but might need to this year. Anyone have any suggestions? I will be hunting after work so I'm talking late afternoons to evenings. Do you still call the same as early in the day? Or is it just a roost site ambush?
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I have hunted in the afternoons a little bit over in Indiana....they have all day hunting. I haven't had much luck to speak of in calling birds, but last year I did have a gobbler gobbling like crazy at 3 in the afternoon. I never saw him or got him to come into the calls, but he was excited. I would say to set up within proximity of roosting areas and catch the birds coming back in the late evening would be a sure bet, not as much of a challenge I wouldn't think, but would work. Just remember if you hunt right at the roosting site you will most likely screw up a birds patterns if they bust you trying to sneak out.

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It's a roosting game. I hunted last year, just threw a few decoys out into the field, sat in between the big ole field they went into in the morning and the roosting trees. Saw hens but never got one going.

Some strategy like that should work.


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It's the same as hunting in the morning.... Just in reverse..

In the morning do we also try to get as close to the roost as possible and hope to call a bird to us..

Same in the evening.. Except the bird hopefully isn't as henned up and calling to him and getting him interested is easier..

With that said. If you are too far away from the roost and he is around the roost waiting for fly up. You aren't going to call him away from it. He's about to roost. But.. He should be in the vicinity of his roost tree around 7pm i would say.. He'll put around for a bit, feed, then fly up later.. You will not call him out of that comfort zone. What you need to do is get in between him and the roost and call and hope he stops by for a quick look.... Or be within that comfort zone where he know he can go to you and still get back to roost before dark.

Like i said. It't the same as hunting in the morning except in reverse. Morning you're facing the roost tree, in the evening away from it. The rest is the same, calling, etc. The only major difference is the hens are off nesting or roosting in their area leaving ole tome lonely.