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  1. Johnch

    ATV Mower ?

    Well this afternoon I went out to pull a card in the woods behind my house 25 acer woods 3 sides corn 1 side beans So till the corn or beans are off No easy acess And even then , not real easy to get the tractor and brushhog down the lanes So I was thinking of looking for...
  2. C

    Atv q&a

    Getting ready to buy a used quad to make my life and hobbies easier . Anything I should look out for ? Found a Polaris sportsman 700 I am pretty sure I am gonna buy but don't wanna make a mistake . Its a 2004 . Also lookin at a couple Yamaha400s in the same yr and price range . I am wanting a...
  3. brock ratcliff

    FOR SALE atv tires/wheels

    I bought a Honda Foreman from Windsor...aka Tuflehundin a couple of years ago. Being a swamp rat from La, he had a set of AT 27x 9.75-12 Mud Machine tires mounted on ITP wheels on the thing. They hadn't been used much as he was transferred to Italy and needed to unload his toys. I took...
  4. 1hornwilly

    Which ATV?

    Here's the question: You could buy any ATV and money is no object. It's main use is hunting (not mud ridin). What do you buy? And Why? Just trying to get some ideas. I am about to buy another one and just wondering what you fellas like. I currently have a Honda Rancher 350 and it runs just...
  5. Schu72

    WTB Looking for ATV tires and possibly wheels

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to look/buy? I'm in need of fronts for sure. If I decide to get new wheels, I'll replace everything. For a Polaris 500 HO. Thanks, Scott
  6. matt hougan

    ATV disc

    A very good friend of mine gave me his atv disc. Its quite an impressive unit. He could have sold it for $500 easily. I told him I would make it available to anyone that needed it. So, there you go. Anyone near Dayton needing the use of a disc can swing by and pick it up for a weekend. Just...
  7. Dannmann801

    ATV Registration - What a crock!

    So I buy a 4 wheeler and a trailer. I'm looking at the state website for info on weighing and registering the trailer, and I see a thing about "Titling and Registering and Operating Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles in Ohio". I download it, read it, and to my...