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ATV Registration - What a crock!


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So I buy a 4 wheeler and a trailer.
I'm looking at the state website for info on weighing and registering the trailer, and I see a thing about "Titling and Registering and Operating Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles in Ohio". I download it, read it, and to my disgust and dismay I learn the following:

"Effective June 7, 2010, recreational vehicles with the body type 'AT' will require the issuance of a metal license plate. The APV license plate my be displayed to be plainly visible. Snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles and APV's must be properly registered with the BMV or Local Deputy Registrar. A $34.75 registration fee is collected for the issuance of a 3 year registration" and further blah blah blah.

This covers snowmobiles, motorcycles, mini bikes, trail bikes, "anything that rides on a cushion of air" (except golf carts and planes). Build a go-kart? Go get a license plate. Looks like the give you a sticker for the registration number...registration is good for 3 years. Original registration number is permanent and must remain with the vehicle.

Also, if someone comes from out of state and brings their equipment, they have to apply for a temporary permit.

What a crock of crap.


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Dan, i used to think so until i have had to fight those bastards that abuse those things and tresspass/tear up our property..I am a huge fan of finding those pricks...and fining them any way we can


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Just talked to my neighbor (atv owner too) and his theory is that they are having so many accidents/kids killed that they're going to use the registration to pin liability on the atv's registered owner. But every atv has to have a title - I'd think that would do the same thing.

My theory is that it's just another unvoted-upon tax.

I mean, I can see why boats should be registered - for use on public water - but atv's are generally used on private land.
What's next? 44" wide and larger mowers?

I'm going to register - just because I'm the guy who always gets caught on stupid stuff like that. $12 a year to be legal and not have to ever worry about anything would be worth the peace of mind.

Milo, I don't see where a tiny lil license plate would solve tresspassing problems.
I think an easier way to identify the tresspassing atv would by by the bullet holes....

Lady at the bmv told me "I wouldn't really worry about it..." ....wtf?

And I really think it's stupid about requiring NonResidents who are here for a hunting trip and bring their atv to have to get a temporary tag? Who's gonna take the time to do that? And stand in line at the bmv? Dang inhospitable, if you ask me.
I'm just trying to understand what the justification could be for any of this stuff, other than generating revenue for the state. And it probably won't even do that....the administrative and enforcement costs probably negate any inbound income. But then again, if only 500,000 owners got religion and plunked down the money, that's $17.5 million bucks.

I wonder what the ratio of registered quads is to actual owned quads.
I wonder if there are a half million quads in the state?

I wonder if I'm thinking about this too much and should just move on with my life?
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Yeah my quads a 97 called Columbiana registrar and they wanted me to contact the previous owner so that they could have him register it pay the tax on it and then do the same to me I was like wtf are you talking about the previous owner moved out of state as far as I was concerned so yeah no registration on mine either...


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I have not registered any of mine but I am leaning towards doing it since I do ride it down to the river to fish and don't want to take a chance if the cops show up down there which they do from time to time.


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I do have a title. And when I had a loan on it I had to carry insurance. I'm suprised they didn't track me down through the title and a least notify me that if I still owned the atv I needed to register it.


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NW Ohio
Mine are not registered. I don't use them on public land though. The registration was implemented in order to collect the sales tax. Well, this is why they are required to title them now anyway. The license to me is not a huge deal. As someone that grew up riding on public land, I feel the $10-12/yr is well worth it. I forget the percentage, but I believe a large portion goes into the trail systems. This in return generates a lot of income for the state and the local businesses surrounding our riding areas. I haven't registered any of my bikes in years. For a long time all I did was race and didn't need it. Now, I usually ride out of state in KY, or WV. The reason the out of state riders have to get the temporary sticker has to do with other states requiring our Ohio riders to do so. They tried to get it to work out so if you had an Ohio sticker you didn't need one in MI, and so on. It didn't work out so basically you need one from each specific state. Hope this helps you digest the $36-38 you are spending Dan!