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  1. jagermeister

    DIY Bird Launcher AKA Zinger Winger Knock-Off

    A buddy and I undertook a pretty substantial project a couple weeks ago when we decided to build our own bird launchers, which are used for dog training and hunt tests/trials. A brand new launcher from the factory usually costs almost 400 bucks, and remote electronics add about another 300...
  2. themedic

    Bed to Bird in 30 minutes

    For anyone that has followed my 2013 Ohio turkey season, you know that I have struggled and was almost ready to call its quits. This the story of how that all changed yesterday morning in a matter of minutes. In the previous two days, hunting had taken a back seat. My priority switched to...
  3. yotehunter

    jake bird

    Put two toms to bed lastnight , but wronge side of the river , didn't have permission for that side. So I got under them on my side this morning in the pouring rain and as I figured they stayed on there side when when they flew down. So I ran my call series which I must say was far from stellar...
  4. finelyshedded

    Nephew killed another Indy bird!

    My BIL took his brothers son Brandon out to a friends farm in Indiana and called this 23#, 10 bearded turkey in to 25 yards by a little after 7 this morning. It had 1" spurs and beautiful plumage. He's getting it mounted on the roost. Tim's friend said there's a much bigger Tom with a harem...
  5. motorbreaker

    Sons first bird.

    We only seen one tom today but got busted. But i'm happy my son was able to kill a jake. He is hooked for sure..He wants to go back out tommrow.
  6. Monster Raxx

    My Sons First Bird

    One of my good friends invited me to bring my son to his farm for the Wisconsin youth turkey hunt to try and get his first bird. We got there Friday night and made sure the gun he was shooting was on. He hit the turkey target really well and he was pretty confident after that. We had some elk...
  7. Curran

    Migratory Bird Season Dates

    SWEET!!!! Moorhen season kicks in on Sept 1st :smiley_clap: Ohio Wildlife Council Approves Migratory Bird Season Dates JUL 19 Mercer Canada Goose Zone to be open during the early goose season COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Wildlife Council has approved the state's early migratory...
  8. Kaiser878

    Must have been a day for the girls! MY g/f first bird!

    Today was an absolutely amazing day..Jen said she wanted to kille a turkey a couple days ago.....So she went and got her license and tag yesterday... This morning we headed out on her first turkey adventure. I told her this wasnt going to be like deer hunting...We might hear one and we...
  9. TripleA88

    Girlfriends 1st Bird

    I set out and accomplished what I wanted this season. I could care less to shoot one myself. But my goal was to get Joe and my girlfriend a bird. My girlfriend(Cecily), Joe and I had hunted this bird on 3 different occasions. Each time henned up, but giving me curtosey gobbles. Opening...
  10. Jackalope

    Joe and Alex's Swamp Bird (Video)

    . After watching a bird for weeks strut in a spot visible from the road he disappeared a couple days before season. Thursday evening found us in his zone seeing if we could hear a roost gobble.. After a couple calls on a gobble call and waiting him out a few coons started fighting right at...
  11. Archertl

    Odd bird?

    This hen's coloring is odd. She was the only one that had this coloration in the flock of 30 birds. All the domestic-wild hybrids I've see have been a ghost white coloration.
  12. saddlepants

    Watch out for FUGGIN Bird counters!

    The annual stupid mix-with -hunting -season -bird count -whoevers -bright -idea - that was is on this weekend, and most of them dont have the sense to wear orange not to mention they wander around in the woods just anywhere. Just be careful you dont shoot one of them...or maybe just go ahead....
  13. Jackalope

    Migratory Bird Season Dates Approved by Ohio Wildlife Council

  14. huntn2

    Got my bird back from last year

    My in-laws brought my 2010 OH bird from the taxidermest today. Not the biggest bird, but it was my first Tom and did it on my own. Awesome having him on the wall to re-live that morning over and over.
  15. Jackalope

    The Sneaker Bird Harvest.

    First a little background. Alex (TripleA88) and I've been watching and listening to birds on my place and his for the past month. Both properties the birds were flowing a script. Mine shut up and disappeared Saturday of youth and haven't been see since. Alex's bird continued and met his demise...
  16. RedCloud

    Upland bird pics.

    If any of you have some good pheasant or quail pics post them here please. Thanks fellas.