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  1. Garrett

    FOR SALE 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo 72lbs@26" $600

    I have a 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo. I bought this bow new in December 2011. It has never failed me but it is time for something different. It currently has a RipCord drop away rest and Sword Maximus Pro (5) .010" pins and a 2x lens (the sight is 2 months old!) I know there are not too many 26"...
  2. J

    FOR SALE 2016 Bow Madness 32 setup

    have a 2016 PSE bow Madness 32 for sale, only a couple months old shot less than 100 times. I have it all set up ready to hunt the package is - Bow Madness 32 bow -Truglo Carbon xs 4 pin sight -limb saver windjammer stabilizer -Ripcord drop away rest (red) - Quick detach five arrow quiver...
  3. matthewusmc8791

    Drury Bow Madness

    Hey who's watching it tonight... Old Terry all pissed off sitting in the blind and his asshole neighbor let his 5 dogs with collars and e-collars run all over everyone's property running deer down.. They actually showed the dogs standing over a doe they trapped in the water and wouldn't let it...
  4. Bowlowe

    Gettin her ready for deer bow season

    Out today doin a little shootin making sure the bows are dialed in ( we shoot all year long ). Set up a 3d course with targets ranging from 20 to 40 yds plus the ladder stand. Snapped this picture of my wife shooting. Got our spot set up first of august, been getting some decent trail cam...

    How many ladies here hunt and do you prefer gun or bow

    I was just wondering how many of us girls are on this site that hunt?
  6. Thunderflight

    Bow relationships

    Every bow shoots a bit different, but just curious how many of you have a bow that "is just right"? My 57@28 Chaparral Alpine fits this bill. I have a few other bows to include another 50@28 Alpine, a 57@28 Chaparral Kiabab and a 50@28 turkish flat bow, but none of them seem to meet the...
  7. Thunderflight

    How much did your bow cost?

    Just curious because a quality bow can often cost as much or more than the latest compound. One could easily spend 1200 smacker-oo's on a custom Morrison or Blackwidow. My bows ran between 450 and 550. When you add arrar's and such you can easily add another 200-300 sumolians. Shoot...
  8. M

    DEAL Mathews Chill bow

    Over at rimfirecentral.com forum in the Classifieds there's a 2013 Mathews Chill bow listed for 700.00 and free shipping. Not mine just seen it listed. Everything included that came with the bow in the original box. I believe it's now set for 60# and 27.5 in.
  9. Dustinb80

    Pro Line Bow strings

    Anyone use Pro Line bow strings? Thoughts?
  10. Big_Holla

    New Bow Headaches!!

    Well this past Monday I was able to pick up my new bow. I ended up buying the Mathews Creed, 28" draw & 60 lbs. max. When I shot the bow before putting it in layaway it felt like a dream. Shot so smooth and was quiet, just had that feeling at the time this was IT!! The day I picked it up...
  11. teej89

    New bow tuning question

    So I've used the same bow for the past ten years and recently I bought my new Insanity and have been shooting it since then. Haven't had the time to actually dial in 50 and 60 yd pins but I dialed in my 30 and my 40yd is pretty decent. Now my question is before I go and dial in those other...
  12. Jackalope

    TOO Campout and Bow Shoot. Directions and Information

    . JULY 26-27-28 at Woodburry Wildlife Areas Group Campground. For everyone planning on attending the bow shoot and campout I have included some maps and images below in an effort to help you locate the Woodburry group campground. There will be survey stakes with Blue and white flagging at...
  13. Huckleberry Finn

    Kasich shootin a bow

    I think he needs to spend some time in Milo's garage gettin fixed up with some lessons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoFBDuE-ntc
  14. Monster Raxx

    New Bow

    I made a deal with one of the bow shops that carry our product and my new bow is ordered. Next Thursday I will have a Mathews Chill with a black riser, tactical limbs, orange accessories and a custom orange and black string :) I cant wait to get it.
  15. Mike

    Long bow project

    Well, I went ahead and ordered an unfinished longbow. I have absolutely no desire to pick up a compound bow, ever. I'll kill deer with my crossbow and then have fun with this thing. It's 71" long and 41# and will accommodate my long draw length. If I don't like it, I'll hang it on my wall! I'll...
  16. T

    What Bow poundage do you shoot?.

    Just wondering who shoots what. Made it a multiple vote so you can vote target and hunting. Also, what do you shoot?. Longbow, Recurve, Selfbow, etc..
  17. Ridge Runner

    Camera mount for bow

    Not sure if i'm posting in the right spot. If not please move it. I picked up a Go Pro this spring and was wondering if anyone knows how to mount it to a bow? If so what seems to be the preferred to mount it.
  18. Schu72

    Tips on selling a used bow

    I'm thinking of parting my with bow so I can upgrade to something newer. I troll AT quite a bit, but I haven't seen a used Iceman in quite some time. Throw in the fact that mine is a lefty and I'm not sure what to expect. I did list it on Craigslist for $425, but I was really just guessing...
  19. Monster Raxx

    New Bow Is All Set Up

    Here are some pics of my new bow all set up. I decided on the Athens Recluse :)
  20. dante322

    bow fishing 101

    I guess nobody told these guys that even though you are using a bow, you'll still need a reel! that way you dont actually have to wade out in the water to get your arrow back. At least the amish guys on shore were getting a laugh. trust me, the mud in this place is so deep, i'm surprised...