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  1. jagermeister

    Pocket Pistol Preferences?

    With warmer weather on it's way (hopefully), I've been considering the purchase of a pocket-sized handgun for CC. I figure it will be a bit more practical and comfortable for concealing in shorts and whatnot. If you disagree, please explain... I'm open to any/all suggestions. Now, in regards...
  2. bowhunter1023

    CCW Holster Help

    I'm looking for a holster that will allow me to carry in a very specific way and I cannot seem to locate what I am looking for. Basically what I want is an IWB Left Hand Crossdraw holster. Due to a little extra weight, my love handles make carrying IWB uncomfortable. Carrying OWB makes the gun...
  3. M

    Illinois passes CCW

    Illinois just passed a CCW law. The State lost a court case and was ordered to permit CCW permits. Don't know complete issue yet. But I bet Obama is really pissed over the matter. Bet he burned up the phone lines to defeat it. But then since I heard nothing in the news he may have excepted the...
  4. A

    CCW few quesitons

    I have had my CCW for months, but just bought my first pistol. I bought a springfield armory 45 XDS. Wow what a sweet gun for CCW, it does bark cause of the small frame, but I shot the piss out of it with no problems and hands werent sore at all. What do you all reccomend as far as a good...
  5. Beentown

    CCW holster...

    If anyone is in need of a good CCW holster the company Kohlster is having a sale for $40 delivered. I use them as an alternative for a Crossbreed. I prefer the Crossbreed but these are a great value. http://www.kholster.com/
  6. Ohiosam

    how NOT to carry your CCW

    A man arrested this week in North Carolina may have stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum, according to police, who reported that the unloaded 10-inch weapon was not discovered until after the suspect had been booked into a cell in the county jail. Michael Leon Ward, a 22-year-old...
  7. Ohiosam

    CCW idea

  8. Beentown

    CCW picnic...

    As of right now I plan on attending. Just a heads up. http://ohioccw.org/201105204933/party-in-the-park-8.html Beentown
  9. Jackalope

    Ohio Passes CCW Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix

    Kasich Will Sign into law... (Take that Strickland endorsing NRA) :smiley_clap:
  10. twireman

    Ordered a new CCW pistol!!

    My wife said I could get whatever pistol I wanted on her expense for my birthday. I chose the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 revolver. It has a built in laser sight and all the reviews were very positive. I looked hard at the Ruger LCR but w/ the laser built in I couldn't go wrong w/ the Smith...
  11. COB-TY


    How long before you will need a CCW to take your bow to the woods? They make em any shorter and you can carry em in a shoulder holster! :smiley_bril:lmaorotflmao:pickle:
  12. Bowhunter57

    CCW Permit

    It seems a guy drives through a stop sign or whatever and gets pulled over by a local policeman. The guy hands the cop his driver's license, insurance varification, plus his concealed carry permit. "Okay, Mr. Johnson," the cop says, "I see you have a CCW Permit. Are you carrying today?"...