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Ordered a new CCW pistol!!


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Kingston, OH
My wife said I could get whatever pistol I wanted on her expense for my birthday. I chose the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 revolver. It has a built in laser sight and all the reviews were very positive. I looked hard at the Ruger LCR but w/ the laser built in I couldn't go wrong w/ the Smith. Hope it works out for me. I can pick it up Monday, but w/ all day turkey hunting might hit the blind w/ the bow after work. I'll get pictures up when I get it.

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NW Ohio
Nice choice Twireman! I have a model 642 sitting in front of me right now. I have thought about putting some laser sights on it and leaving it at home for the Mrs to point and shoot if she were ever forced to. I have carried mine pretty well daily for a few years now. Handing it over to her would give me an excuse to buy another gun! lol Nice piece!