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Ohio Passes CCW Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix


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Kasich Will Sign into law... (Take that Strickland endorsing NRA) :smiley_clap:

The Ohio General Assembly has passed Senate Bill 17, sponsored by Senator Tim Schaffer (R), which will allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants. To do so, license holders may not consume any alcohol and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to OpenCarry.org, 42 states (including every state that borders Ohio) allow non-drinking license holders to carry firearms in restaurants. The bill also reduces burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car. Currently, Ohio is the only state to place such complex limitations on license holders. The bill also provides a way for people who were convicted of improperly transporting a firearm under the current law to receive relief if they would have been in compliance under the law as amended in SB17.
The House passed the bill by a 55 - 38 vote, and because a technical amendment had been made in the House, a concurrence vote was required in the Senate. The Senate quickly took up action, and passed the bill by a 25-7 vote.



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Gerberry (sp?) made a statement how he doesn't want to be in a Chile's eating dinner with a bunch of nut cases getting drunk and carrying..... Heard it on WNIR last evening coming home from work.... What an idiot.... Glad it's passed and hope no one screws it up anytime soon.... Too many ignorant Politicians out there speaking for us....


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I would recommend reading it yourself since I am not a law maker or upholder but if you have a CCW there are tons of "options". On your person. In a locked box. Off your person but in a holster I believe is another one. The guy that gave my class said lawyers had won a case stating your center console or even glove box could be considered "a holster". Not sure about this one. Then again, I am an outlaw I guess because I will protect my family first and deal with the consequences later. lol


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Central Ohio
It's so backwards that we have to write legislation to protect the lawful from the lawless.

A neighbor & I were talking about this, and they commented on it being a bad idea for people to be able to carry guns now into restaurants. I asked the question, "how do you think this law affects criminals?"

he said, "Well it won't. They're gonna do what they're gonna do regardless of any laws."

My response, "That's exactly the point. Now, you understand that you have the right, if you're a CCW permit holder, to protect your family if some mad man comes into the place and starts shooting it up. Before this legislation, you were just as bad as the criminal in the eyes of law if you were to be in a situation like that and were carrying."

I could see the wheels turning.... then he said, "wow, never thought about it like that before."


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Massillon, Ohio
yea I can see all being fine and dandy until some doucher that is carrying gets hammered anyway and shoots some jersey shore looking guy casuse he bumped into him.......

Glad I dont do the bar scene anymore