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  1. C

    Crazy carp

    Shot this yesterday. Apparently they're pretty rare . . I know I ain't ever seen any .
  2. M

    Crazy bull

    I just got in bed last night at midnight and my new phone rings. The wife said you set your alarm wrong. No it's my son calling me. The bull is out on the road! I get dressed and take the golf cart up there. My neighbor meets at the road on his 4 wheeler and says the bull is across the road in...
  3. Bowhunter57

    Crazy Channelcats

    This evening, the sky cleared, the water calmed and the fish were biting. I caught a few smallies, but they were too small to keep. Even so, they are always fun to catch. The channelcats were huge! I lost one that flat out ignored the fact that he was hooked and he was headed for the other...
  4. oakswamper

    crazy woman

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46477980?43001 this is unreal Mods if this is the wrong place for this just delete it
  5. finelyshedded

    Just saw something crazy

    Not 5 minutes ago my youngest daughter said "deer,deer,deer and not kiddin' you daddy!" So I ran over to our back window of our living room and a group of 6 bucks were making thru our woods not 50 yards away from our house. The largest being a 110 inch 8 0r 10 and 3 to 4 small 6's and the rest...
  6. Hoytmania

    Christmas Eve Crazy

    Check out this Christmas Eve Gift. http://www.godvine.com/Deer-Crashes-into-a-Home-on-Christmas-Eve-Hilarious-983.html
  7. Kaiser878

    Hey jesse! THis crazy rack?

    Killed in washington county! Looks a lot like your crazy rack buck from last year! beams tipping down and lots of points! http://www.dnr.ohio.gov/wildlife/dow/Photos/PhotoDetailHorizontal.aspx?m=&Gallery=Hunting&SubGallery=Deer&page=1&count=12&id=31858&pos=6
  8. deerjunkie

    Crazy 4yr old kid

    I thought some of you guys would appreciate this, especially those with little kids that have no fear. This past weekend the wife, kids and I went to Virginia Beach for a couple day to see her family. While we were there my boys just had to go parasailing and ride the Sky Coaster, crazy nuts...
  9. hickslawns

    Crazy like a fox!

    I am very pleased to announce I did NOT get any coyotes on camera in the last round. I did see a pair of grey fox from the stand this year. I hadn't changed the one camera card since October 22, and the other since Sept 11. Yeah. I know. Didn't need to because we had great observation...