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Crazy 4yr old kid


Junior Member
Canton, Ohio
I thought some of you guys would appreciate this, especially those with little kids that have no fear. This past weekend the wife, kids and I went to Virginia Beach for a couple day to see her family. While we were there my boys just had to go parasailing and ride the Sky Coaster, crazy nuts! My 11yr old is really laid back and pretty mellow, but on the football field, being 5'6" 158lbs he's a maniac. He actually showed a little hesitation when it was time to ride these, which surprised me. But once we were on...he had a blast. Now, my 4yr old...well, he's crazy. He is such a cool little dude, and he was so excited from the start to the finish on both rides. He was a smile from ear to ear. I can't get over how he has no fear at all.