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  1. O

    FOR SALE Dog Transport Box

  2. M

    Affiliate_Deal_ Big Dog BDL3000 ladder stand

    I installed a Big Dog BDL3000 Stadium ladder stand today. It's 17.5' high to the seat. Had dual ladder rails which makes it very steady. It's the curved wrap around style. 2 person and rated at 500 lbs. I must say this ladder is the heavy built and all the bolt holes lineup perfectly for...
  3. G

    Help! Need Deer Blood To Train Recovery Dog

    Hi Guys, I have a need to train my GSP to blood trail wounded deer to recover them. To do so, I need deer blood. If anyone you know has a nuisance ticket they are going to use and would be willing to help, I'd really, really appreciate putting us together. I just need 2 or 3 film...
  4. Outdoorsfellar

    This is a smart dog ....

  5. Outdoorsfellar

    FOR SALE Dog kennel

    I have a 5x12x6 kennel my wife is barking at me to get rid of. I'm asking $300. It takes apart easily. The 12 ft side panels are one piece.
  6. Mike

    Coworkers cat saves dog

    http://www.13abc.com/story/22005475/local-cat-saves-dog This happened Monday. Izzy the small Chihuahua mix went after the pit bull across the street. The pit bull took it for awhile and then decided that was enough of that crap. The pit bull clamped down on the Izzy and at that moment, her cat...
  7. Schu72

    Lost our dog

    We lost our dog this past Friday to suspected cancer. He was a failthful companion to us for just over 13 years. Although we knew he was starting to have some health issues and at 13 he was starting to run short on time, I was truely unprepared for how quickly his condition spiralled on...
  8. Ohiosam

    Lost dog, reward offered.

  9. CJD3

    Cool Dog

    He traded a beer for the dog! And he got the better end of that deal! this very cool dog http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=xdj67XknFrM#t=5
  10. jagermeister

    Lion Country Supply - dog training gear

    This is more of a company review rather than a product review. A few weeks ago I was referred by a friend to check out the website for Lion Country Supply, a hunting dog supplier located in Port Matilda, PA. With the new dog and all, I was in need of a few things for training purposes. On my...
  11. hickslawns

    Getting another dog

    We have had Brutus the Boxer for around 8 years and he was 1-2 when we got him. He is a good boy. A couple years ago we started talking about getting another dog. This is when I got Hank. Our German Shorthair is a great dog as well. He is very affectionate, but he is a big GSP. He has no...
  12. hickslawns

    FOR SALE Big Dog Pricing 2012 from Hank Tucker Outdoors

    Alrighty ladies and gentlemen! Here are the 2012 prices from Hank Tucker Outdoors for the Big Dog Treestands and Timberstrike groundblind. Shoot me a PM with any questions. Fixed Stands Description Price BDF 076 Beagle II 25x20" platform 14x8 seat $52.50 BDF 401 Bulldog II 32.5x23.5...
  13. Ohiosam

    Prairie dog shoot

  14. Kaiser878

    Big dog treestands?

    I am not much for spending a lot of money on stands.... I like to have a lot of stands in a lot of palces to increase my mobility.......I have a climber, but some places are best left to a stationary stand. I own a whole fleet of big dog treestands.... I am very partial to the beagle because of...
  15. Beentown

    Dog Training Collar...

    Looking to get a training collar for my dog. What should I look for when shopping? Name brands to stay away from? That sort of thing... Also, if you or know of someone that has one laying around to get rid of please let me know. I wanna buy it and not borrow it just in case I need it for...
  16. dante322

    bad dog!!

    wasnt sure which forum to put this in. I was turkey hunting and ended up shooting a yote. My plan was to hunt a pasture this morning. I got there to find the grass was waist tall. I went ahead and set up anyway. This spot is actually on a brushline between to pastures. to the north is a...
  17. Archertl

    Lost A Great Dog.

    My Dad called me this morning to tell me my 9 year old Black Mouthed Cur passed away sometime during the night. Losing a dog is hard enough but having to be on the opposite side of the country when it happens makes it worse. I had wanted a Cur Dog ever since I read Ol’ Yeller by Fred Gipson...
  18. Ohiosam

    Found a dog.

    I found this dog, thought maybe it belongs to one of you guys.
  19. RedCloud

    Dirty Dog

    Need to get these dogs out of here. Just need to be in the right place at the right time since they don't seem to visit on a regular basis.
  20. camofry

    My Big Dog

    IN RESPONSE TO THE EMAILS CONCERNING SAM: Please be advised I am sick to death of receiving questions about my dog who mauled six illegals wearing Obama tee shirts, four Democrats wearing Pelosi tee shirts, two war protesters, ten Zynga programmers, five phone operators who asked me to press #1...