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  1. at1010

    great weekend at farm-

    For my Uncle. Since I am living in Texas now, we will not be hunting are farm as much as years passed. My uncle this weekend checked all the cams, and foodplots. Well all the plots look pretty good, and the doe numbers seem WAY higher then ever before, getting pics of 5 does in a picture...
  2. brock ratcliff

    Last of the great ones.

    Growing up, I was lucky to know a lot of WWII vets. Two of my mom's older brothers were combat veterans of the south pacific. Many of the men that attended our church were vets, one was 101st airborne and an absolute hard-nosed, take no guff gentle giant until the day he died. There aren't...
  3. "J"

    Not so great night on the Ohio

    Don't really know how too start this but want too put it out there just too make people aware.... My sons been home for about a week and he and I used too fish a tourney down on the Ohio River on the Cumberland pool out of Chester WV.... We were both excited too be back on the river again...
  4. E

    Wheeling Cabelas Great Outdoor Days

    I will have a booth set up this weekend (16,17) for Cabela's Great Outdoor Days. This is their largest event of the season with vendors and seminars throughout the weekend. Last year my display (Eye Spy Charters) was by the aquarium and I assume that is where I will be again. If you are in the...
  5. Big H

    Great Used Car Ad!!

    Great Ad!! :pickle:
  6. Monster Raxx

    Great elk!!!

    Here is a pic of a good friend of mine on my Pro Staff that shot a BEAST of an elk in Colorado with his bow. It is a giant 7x7, I havent heard a official score yet but they were thinking around 340" :)
  7. Thunderflight

    This has to be a great bow!

    I need to hurry up and get it before Coonie does.......:smiley_bril: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Rare-Actionglas-Thunderflite-RH-Recurve-Bow-Hastings-MI-60-42-Lb-GC-/170899340969?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27ca64fea9
  8. Curran

    Gotta love the great American Cowboy

    Cowboy walks into the phamacy and heads up to the clerk, Cowboy: "Give me three packets of condoms, please." Cashier: "Do you need a paper bag with that, sir?" Cowboy: "Nah.... She ain't that ugly." lmao
  9. Monster Raxx

    Great way to watch a Baseball game

    My wife and I were lucky enough to get invited to go to a Twins game ( I know but read the rest of the story :)) with a couple we are friends with. I am not sure what he had to do to get these tickets but I told him I would do more of it :smiley_crocodile: We got valet parking and walked in...
  10. CJD3

    Great morning...

    Riverdude and I had a great morning fishing about 10 miles out on Lake Erie for Walleye until the storms chased us in. We went out with Capt. Art Miller and the Lucky Strike! http://www.lakeeriecaptain.com/ http://www.lake-erie-walleye-fishing-charters.com/ I highly recommend him. We had a...
  11. Ohiosam

    Sounds like a great place to take the kids.

    rotflmao For anyone who ever has been stuck in traffic, it's a tempting fantasy: If only you were driving a tank and could roll over everything in your path. Some drivers are now flocking to an out-of-the-way spot in southern Minnesota to turn that vision into metal-crunching reality. A...
  12. at1010

    great site

    I just wanna say this is a great site! I am on several other sites, and I am about to blow up on the one. I cant take it anymore, but this site is great!
  13. Archertl

    Lost A Great Dog.

    My Dad called me this morning to tell me my 9 year old Black Mouthed Cur passed away sometime during the night. Losing a dog is hard enough but having to be on the opposite side of the country when it happens makes it worse. I had wanted a Cur Dog ever since I read Ol’ Yeller by Fred Gipson...
  14. Fluteman

    Great Day At AEP!

    Since purchasing my first kayak this winter, I decided to make it a top priority to get out and scout the AEP Recreation Lands and fish some new water instead of the same half a dozen ponds. There's hundreds of ponds, and I knew I was missing some great water. Fast forward to two week, my...
  15. Alphamax10

    Not such a great idea!

    Hey guys, Got this in an email and I thought I would share it. WHY WE SHOOT DEER: Why we shoot deer in the wild.(A letter from someone who wants to remain anonymous, who farms, writes well and actually tried this) I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up...
  16. finelyshedded

    Great buck 190"

    Congrats to the hunter in taking an absolute monster but I hated reading "winged an arrow at him and hit him in the rearend." At 70 yards? Nonetheless, this buck has a huge frame! http://m.outdoornews.com/mobile/ohio/
  17. Lundy

    Great video for new MZ hunters

    I know that some are fairly new to the whole muzzleloader stuff. This could save you some serious injury. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmsBF6CXs18&feature=related
  18. finelyshedded

    One Buddies Great Year!

    I got to congratulate a couple of great friends right here and now on an outstanding year they had between them. Stacey has been a great friend over the past 25 plus years and over those years we've helped each other drag out some real nice deer between my brother Ron,another buddy Tim, Staceys...
  19. J

    Great Story about a 13 year old hunter

    This is a great story about a 13 year old hunter that has shot two awesome whitetails in the last 10 months. He wrote the story himself. http://ahunterstales.com/2011/09/28/brock-strikes-again-weehew/
  20. Duckdowner

    Great time to practice

    well, I'm stuck here in Iraq till November, and figured this would be as good as place as any to practice up my calling and be ready for season when I get home. Whats funny as hell though is seein all the peoples faces when they walk by and see me hailing out at an empty sea of sand! Most...