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  1. Rutin

    House & Plot part 2 (Pic Heavy)

    Well a little update of what I've got done so far. The plot is not going to be as big as I intended this year since I had to do all the mowing my zero turn and didn't want to beat it down to bad. I kept the plot close to Northern edge of the property along the tree line so I can conceal a blind...
  2. Rutin

    Kills over the years (Pic Heavy)

    Ive only been duck/goose hunting since 2004 and I usually only get to hunt the later part of the season since im so wrapped up in deer hunting and filming for people. Im a novice to say the least but I thought id share a few waterfowl pics from the past few years......
  3. T

    WTB Any heavy broadheads laying around?

    I was wondering if any of you guys have any older broadheads laying around not being used? Looking for something in the 145 grain weight range.
  4. Rutin

    Titans sticking around..... (Pic Heavy)!

    Like I said in my previous post.... this split brow buck is so freggin skiddish of trail cams its unreal! He still approachs and acts weird, but luckly for me theres plenty of other bucks to keep him relaxed right now.... I reset the cam on July 31st and wont check it again until mid Aug. but...
  5. Buckmaster

    Heavy Duty Lawn Mowers - which one?

    Guys, For you lawn mowing Gentlemen.... I'm beginning my research for a camp lawn mower for the next 20+ years. I typically make it to camp to mow about every other weekend so the grass is typically high upon arrival. To make matters worse sometimes its wet or raining on those weekends. My...
  6. Schu72

    Heavy snowfall...where to hunt

    Bonus weekend is almost here and in Portage County we probably have 2 feet of snow and they are calling for more. Would you stay in this area and hunt a food source or head south where there is considerably less snow. I am buck hunting at this point. Not sure what to do. Last year in muzzy...