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Titans sticking around..... (Pic Heavy)!


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Ina Duck Blind
Like I said in my previous post.... this split brow buck is so freggin skiddish of trail cams its unreal! He still approachs and acts weird, but luckly for me theres plenty of other bucks to keep him relaxed right now.... I reset the cam on July 31st and wont check it again until mid Aug. but now its on video mode to capture travel routes and get some pre-roll so that if I kill him I will have some preseason video to make a good story line.
Heres a few pics of him and the 8pt, As bad as this 8pt needs another year..... Im such a SUCKER for big 8's! Either way its Aug. and its time to get some summer velvet footage before season rolls around!

Check out the deer WAY out there!

Newer product im trying for Tom Lester the owner of Monster Raxx


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Damn, nice looking bucks right there. CJD and I just don't seem to see the quality bucks that alot of you have. Best of luck!


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Central Ohio
Nice pics Rutin!!! You've got some tough choices ahead of you this season... decisions, decisions... good luck with those bucks!!