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  1. M

    public huntin near dayton...

    I am goin to b in dayton oct 19 20 & 21 goin to a concert the 19 and the next 2 days r open to hunting.. I need some good spots to hit while I'm there.. thanks ya'll!!!!!
  2. rooster85

    Huntin with a muzzy

    I've never hunted with a muzzy but plan on fixing that this year. I'm drawn to Knight Muzzleloaders because from what I've read they're very accurate and they're made in the USA. So, between the Mountaineer and the Disc Extreme who has any pros/cons? Or any ML for that matter. Thanks.
  3. swamp_donkey819

    huntin in the rain

    thinkin of goin out today just so i can hunt some more, supposed to rain all day, its not a down pour and not heavy just steady, ive shot deer before in the rain, but it was an off an on, tthe way i see it deer dont have homes to go to...what do you guys think, dead mission or worth a shot
  4. Jackalope

    Jackalope's Huntin Log.

    This AM found me in a stand situated between an upper and a lower corn field. I was woefully under-dressed for the sunrise. The Fog was so thick i could see the mist a foot in front of my face in my red headlamp. The sun rose and the wind started in... And the fog burned off and turned into rain...
  5. swamp_donkey819

    hog huntin

    really been trying to find somewhere to hunt wild hogs in ohio, im not far from coshocton, co and around that area, if anyone knows of any place to do some hog huntin or would even like to go any info would be appreciated. thanks
  6. moundhill

    Some questions about yote huntin

    Diablo and i are gonna be goin on a little yote hunt over christmas break, probly tuesday. I've never yote hunted before and could use some input. Such as... time of day, type of call and setup, best gun, etc etc.. Any help is much appreciated.