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hog huntin


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really been trying to find somewhere to hunt wild hogs in ohio, im not far from coshocton, co and around that area, if anyone knows of any place to do some hog huntin or would even like to go any info would be appreciated. thanks
ill be the first to respond to this , the hogs in ohio are very few and far between , you would be better off and cheaper shooting one in a preserve , i have lived in southern ohio for 12 years , and only seen a wild hog down here once


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I've hunted Vinton County for 5 years now. I've seen tracks, wollows etc, but never a hog... Trust me when I say you would be better served to load up the truck and drive to Sc, Tn, Ga, Al, Ms, Fl, etc. You could drive to one of those states and shoot a deep freeze full before you will see your first track in Ohio.


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dang i never knew that, ive heard people and read magazines sayin we have em here, just didnt know they were that scarce, i always figured we had a somewhat decent populaion


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NO population here would be fine by me...kill 'em all. Kill 'em twice.
Don't wanna be overrun with 'em.
Nip dat sh** in the bud


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I've been successful hunting them on the outskirts of small towns around central Ohio. Sometimes when the ole' lady pisses me off I head out on Friday or Saturday nights to see what kinda hogs I can hunt...mostly catch and release type stuff...it's the hunt I find enjoyable, nothing more than that.