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Some questions about yote huntin


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Diablo and i are gonna be goin on a little yote hunt over christmas break, probly tuesday. I've never yote hunted before and could use some input. Such as...
time of day, type of call and setup, best gun, etc etc.. Any help is much appreciated.


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North Carolina
Okay I am not a yote hunter but from everything I have been seeing hearing and reading. One of you bring a rifle... anyone of a bunch of calibers because that conversation will be a long one depending on who you talk to lol.... the other one bring a shotgun loaded with something that will reach out and touch to 50 yards so leave the bird shot at Home lol.... and mornings seem to be the hunt of.choice.... but people who know a lot more then me will have better and more accurate advise.... good luck and post the results....


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I would suggest staying away from the 22's/17's. Go with 223 or bigger. Morning are good, but evenings can be too. Really, there are guys that go out all day and have success. I am not one of them. I never have success. In regards to calls? Wounded rabbit? Distressed fawn? Wounded wood pecker? Kittens? There are many. If it sounds like a meal to them, then it should work. I have had better luck using a decoy. When they come in, they are going to be looking for whatever is making the noise. If you have $30-50 to spend on a decoy, I think it would be well worth it. I have honestly not had a ton of success yet. I have volleyed some rounds at a coyote, but have not connected yet. Maybe I shouldn't be giving any advice. I have studied it intensely though, and the majority consensus is to stay away from the 17hmr or 22's. Just not enough juice there unless you get a head shot.

The decoy for me is when i started to see them a bit. I am afraid prior to using the decoy I was just educating them to my location. I think this is why I wasn't seeing them.


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I agree with what Phil said. I use a .17 Rem. most of the time when calling. I read a lot about it for years and that is what they praise the most on the Coyote Gods board. It is fur friendly.

I am not quite like a lot of the guys on this board when it comes to the hatred of the coyote. I think they are a great animal and a quality trophy when you get one.

I know they kill a bunch of other game. Try hunting them sometime they are very smart. A lot of coyotes are killed by hunters that are targeting other animals and a coyote happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you go hunting and are targeting coyote. Whether calling or drives you will find out they aren’t going to be setting ducks.

For calling I started out with mouth calls, then I got a Fox Pro. I use the Fox Pro for a long time. I got where I hated that thing and sold it. I haven’t hunted them for a while but want to get back into it this year.

No I have never harvested a coyote. Either I suck at the set up or they are WAY smarter them me. I missed one with my .270 at dusk one time. MAN that thing took off and it was like a blur they can move. I knocked one down one time with a straight on shot. I must have been off a little, it jumped up and was gone!

Other times I have seen them coming or seen fresh tracks in the show or frost on the ground behind me after the set up was over. In other words if there is a way to screw up a stand I have found many and am sure I will find more.

I have hunted many times with JD down in Bellfountain and we never see a coyote when I have hunted with him. I told him I am a jinx!

So my advice is go have fun, use enough gun, try a decoy and shoot straight.

Oh yea my avatar is from the last time I was out coyote hunting. No coyote but I was still smiling at the end of the stand.:smiley_clap:


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Same here... I went through a couple years where I was obsessed with trying to call them in. To my knowledge I never did call one in. I say to my knowledge because who knows, maybe one was coming in and I didn't see it or something, but I've never seen one on stand while calling. I had one bark at me, but that's it. I've tried mouth calls, howlers, electronic calls, etc... Them things are a bitch to hunt.

The only yotes I've ever seen in the woods are while deer hunting or the one that snuck in my backyard the other day. What hurts is, I know they're out there. I see the tracks. I hear them howl. I see the scat. It's a major challenge!