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  1. Rutin

    Late season hunt?

    I know this is super early to ask but I've seen a lot more interest in waterfowlers on this site over the past year. I think it would be nice to put some faces with names. I've got several fields this year that are corn that ALWAYS produce good numbers of geese late season. Who would be...
  2. Bowhunter57

    Is it too late to get a 2nd turkey?

    I just picked up a dozen arrows and sighted them in with my bow. I've been thinking about going out after a 2nd turkey with my bow. There should be enough foilage to conceal me while I draw. Since the season's open until the 20th and we can hunt all day, it gives a guy some hope...
  3. rgecko23

    Late Season Strategy

    Well it is time to change up the game plan for this season. I am putting my camera back out and feeding pretty steadily for the rest of the season. We got a good deal on some corn up here and between three trucks we bought 2500 lbs of corn. I split 1000lbs with Larry. Here is my truck with...
  4. Mike

    Late season food sources

    In farm country, what is the preferred/best food source in the late season? When there is snow cover? Thanks.
  5. camofry

    Late start.

    Looks like I may get off to a late start this year. I managed to close a 330 on my left hand today.I am hoping that it will be not be so tender tomorrow and can still hold the bow but we will see.:smiley_blackeye:
  6. D

    Shooting does early VS late

    What's your opinion when it comes to shooting does early VS late? Personally I would rather shoot a doe later in the season just so I don't bugger up my spots for prime time (tracking and disturbing area). In addition, I like to have as many does as I can on and around my property from Oct-15...
  7. moundhill

    Late Season Bucks

    Last year diablo asked if i wanted to do some filming in the late season. He had already killed a buck and planned on wacking a doe, so i decided to just film. Not planning on shooting a buck, i didnt take my bow..:smiley_blackeye::smiley_blackeye::smiley_bla ckeye:. Here's the video, it gets...
  8. bowhunter1023

    TOO July Buck of the Month: Scott Schuster's Late Season Bruiser

    It's time to celebrate another memorable hunt and extraordinary buck harvested by TOO member Scott Schuster. Scott’s unique buck is the largest of his career and a buck we’d all love to have hanging in our Man Room! Congrats to Scott on the harvest of a fantastic whitetail! His story is one of...
  9. Curran

    Wet spring = Late planting

    So with all the rain we've had in the last month the fields are still flooded everywhere I seem to look, and I've heard that less than 1% of the state's corn crop is in the ground. At this stage of the game it's usually closer to 50% or more planted by now. Just wanted to get everybody's...
  10. finelyshedded

    A few pics of late!

    The first two are from our shed hunting party in late March at our deer camp at Chip Arnolds farm in Morgan County. The third pic is of me sitting poolside in Puerto Rico the last week of of March to first week April. I sent my bro this pic saying, "I ain't found a friggin' shed all morning!" He...
  11. R

    When to hunt in the late season?

    As this is my first year bow hunting and because I've got a great deal of time off from school (praise the Lord, I'm gonna live like a hillbilly) I am going to have the chance to hunt hard the next four weeks. :D I know that hunting food (read: corn piles) is key and also that you can't kill...
  12. Milo

    Whats coming up on your agenda for late winter projects?

    Well what do you have planned for your place this winter/early spring? I will be cutting several trees down and cleaning up from having our place cut this year. Prolly get some firewood made up too. Looking at some more tree planting and trimming scrub trees off our better developing timber.
  13. Mao

    Dad's late season target

    We are getting pics of this buck right in the orchard that I took my buck. We have had a blind set there for about 4-5 weeks now and we hunted it for the first time last night. This buck came to 25 yards broadside last night but it was way to dark for my dad to take the shot and so dark that I...