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When to hunt in the late season?


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As this is my first year bow hunting and because I've got a great deal of time off from school (praise the Lord, I'm gonna live like a hillbilly) I am going to have the chance to hunt hard the next four weeks. :D

I know that hunting food (read: corn piles) is key and also that you can't kill deer from the couch, but when's the best time to hunt during the late season? Morning? Midday? Night? Doesn't matter, hunt the whole time?

Anything else applicable would be helpful!




Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
Gun hunt all day; bow hunt afternoons. I don't waste time bowhunting mornings any more when it comes to the late season. Food sources are the key, but I'd rather hunt in route to the food, as opposed to hunting over it. Snow is your friend right now, so wear out some leather and find those heavily used trails leading from bed to food. You gotta have cover to hunt this time of year, so try to get stand locations that will cover your ape like stature!!!

Anything else, just call one of us!!!


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I agree with Jesse in regard to morning vs. evening. The morning's seem sooooo much slower after the rut calms down.
Hunting the food or travel corridors to it are the key now.
Also, if you have places with very little gun pressure that helps.