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Whats coming up on your agenda for late winter projects?


Tatonka guide.
Well what do you have planned for your place this winter/early spring? I will be cutting several trees down and cleaning up from having our place cut this year. Prolly get some firewood made up too. Looking at some more tree planting and trimming scrub trees off our better developing timber.


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Carve some honey holes into our 250 acres of 15 year old pines. The green branches start about 7 foot up and make a complete canopy. But below that all the branches are dead and brittle and are so thick you can only see about 30 yards.. Inside these pines is about 4 watering holes.. What happens is the deer never need to leave these pines during the day.. They have water, security, and cover from the elements. When they are laying down they can see about 80 yards under all the dead branches and slip out before you ever see them..

I am taking the quad and I'm going to haul in a couple 50 gallon feeders to those watering holes.. Fill them full of corn and leave them off until next August. Then i'm going to take an axe and bust all the dead limbs down a row of pines and place a nice big blind about 30 yards from the feeder.

They will have, cover, security, water, and food all in one shebang.


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Wood Co.
Work on the HO train table my boys and I started.
Build my 10x12 art studio in the basement.
Start up my art again.
Repair my 300 gallon aqauaium and get that going again.
Scout some larger public land.


Tatonka guide.
Clear area around foodplot make it 2x bigger and plant soybeans.

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you wont be disappointed.... make sure you innoculate them...then try to cultipack and or roll the seed in.


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Sunbury, OH
Put a watering hole in the middle of the food plot. Should have done it this year since we are not hunting this property. Probably won't hunt it next year so I have time. We have noticed that we hit the does a bit TOO hard the last five years.