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  1. DJK Frank 16

    DJK Frank 16's 2013 Hunting Log

    Made it out yesterday to check out a few sets from last year and make sure everything was in working order. Took the .22 along but never seen any squirrels. Was happy with the deer sign I was seeing as well as the camera pull. Really hoping for a frost before opening weekend, the mosquitoes were...
  2. CJD3

    Red tail on a log

  3. bowhunter1023

    1023's 2013-2014 Hunting Log

    It is never TOO early to start these things and considering my season got off to an "official" start this weekend, I figured it was time to turn over a new leaf with the hunting log as well. One of my favorite things about spring is bringing mineral sites back from the dead and/or starting up...
  4. Beentown

    Beentowns trail cam log

    ...Dang youtube!
  5. epe

    EPE'S Hunting Log

    EPE = Eric. Figured I would just throw that one out there. :smiley_bril: Well tommorrow morning will be my first day hunting deer this season. I am heading down to washington county and will hunt with my dad thru tuesday. I will be hunting two different properties. The morning will be "the rut"...
  6. DJK Frank 16

    DJK Frank 16's Hunting Log

    Well I figured I would join the cool crowd! Today will be my first day and in the stand and will start my hunting season full bore. From today on and I will be out every day that work will allow. Hitting the stand this evening in a location that I can get a real good look at what's...
  7. hickslawns

    Hickslawns Hunting log

    1. First week of the season: Wild Ohio Whitetail. Deer seen, too many to count. Well over 100, possibly mid 100's to 200. Bucks seen: 6 on the same night. One decent 8pt approximately 130”, otherwise spikes and young bucks. Not counting any hunting time from this one week hunt towards my...
  8. Riverdude

    Riverdude's Hunting Log, Kind Off.

    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks straight here on the drilling Rig which means I have not been able to bow hunt or hit the rivers for Steel Heads. This is the closest I have come to hunting. mischeif.gif 10/08/11 - As I sat at in my hunting location I noticed movement to my right, I was caught...
  9. T

    Tritonbill's Hunting Log

    I am going to take a try at keeping you all up to date with my 2011/2012 hunting adventures. I am really excited about this year even though I got somewhat of a late start. I wish you all the best of luck this year and that you are able to enjoy the outdoors, your families, your friends and...
  10. saddlepants

    Saddlepants Hunting log

    Been out four times. Twice in the blind by the quarry and twice in my stand out back. Only saw deer one time the other evening out back. Close enough for maybe my crossbow but I had my compound. Doe and two wean ready fawns. Now its rain, wind and sittin at home bunching up my online school work...
  11. finelyshedded

    finelyshedded's hunting log

    I've only been out once(Sun. 25) and saw one doe at 25 yards but no shot opportunity. I will only be able to hunt the weekend afternoons to evening for the first 3 weeks of the season. Towards the end of Oct. I'll be hunting some mornings after I get home from work but till then I'll be just...
  12. jagermeister

    JBrown's 2011 Hunting Log

    9/24/2011 Hunt time: 0630 to 1030 Weather: ~50 degrees, partly cloudy, wind SW 0-5 I climbed up into a spot I call the Roost Stand... It's up on top of the ridge above my mom's house, and traditionally it holds a lot of roosting longbeards every year. This stand is nestled into a...
  13. Hortontoter

    Hortontoters Hunting Log

    Saturday morning found me on stand at 6AM sharp. Had my first encounter of the season at 6:55. A lone doe strolled into my shooting lane at 17 yards. Let her walk, saw another doe at 8:20 about 60 yards out. Saturday evening found me on stand at 4PM. A nice evening sit but no deer sighted. My...
  14. Buckslayer

    Buckslayers Hunting Log

    Day one- Arrived on stand at 0615. Sat in a little hollow between a bunch of pines. Had a trophy rock out that has been getting hit regularly. Seen a squirrel and a rabbit. Heard a screech owl. Day one- Evening hunt arrived on stand at 1645. Seen some butterflies and mosquitos. Hunted 100...
  15. buckbuster217

    buckbuster217s hunt log

    Started Saturday morning out pretty uneventful, saw 3 does all TOO far to shoot at and thats it, went to my afternoon stand with high hopes, this is the stand where I have been getting the pics of super 8 in the afternoons, wind was right, got up in the stand and approximately an hour later the...
  16. Diablo54

    Diablo 2011 hunt log

    Saturday morning sit:No deer. Turkeys kee keeing and yelping for an hour at 50yards Saturday evening:small buck, 2 does that spooked wind in my favor:smiley_blackeye: Sunday morning:1 doe at 60 yards never came in. Tonight Ill be hunting with moundhill and another friend at one of the...
  17. dante322

    Dantes log

    looks like starting a log is the thing to do. A.M. temp - low 50's Wind - ESE 5 to 10 MPH partly cloudy clearing in the late morning High temp - mid 70's Barometer - 29.97, falling moon - sliver, wanning Had the usuall opening morning blunders. Note to self, mark your trail better...
  18. moundhill

    Moundhill's 2011 hunting log

    Well i'm gonn a put together a little hunting log like some of you guys I'll start mine out with some trail cam pics fom this year This is the first year that i really got into trail cams, and now i'm ate up. I ended up ordering a spypoint and i'm real glad i did. The wildview and moultrie...
  19. U

    uglykats huntign log

    i didnt wanna feel left out so i made one to , ill be hunting this evening , i gotta butcher 14 chickens , and do some house cleaning before i go out to hunt , they have been hitting my feeder at my one property pretty hard the past few weeks , so im hoping to get a deer at the feeder tonight ...
  20. Hoytmania

    Hoyts 2011 Hunting Log

    Well time seems to go by faster every year. Season is here and I can not wait to see what it has in store this year. Well missed out on opening day because of a alarm fubar. I guess the alarm didn't fubar it was my mistake because I accidentally set it for pm instead of am. Was going to try and...