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  1. M

    Safe hunting and good luck

    Everyone that's going out for the new season have a safe and lucky one. I'm off in a few minutes.
  2. at1010

    Good Luck Buddies!

    To all of you at TOO good luck this weekend. Remember shoot straight, shoot ethical, kill fast, and most of all enjoy yourself. I will not be able to hunt this first Month of season, but those of you know me, know I will be thinking about it all day every day. Go get them! Albert
  3. "J"

    Just my luck

    Well I checked cameras yesterday and I came up too the last one and bang, damaged camera.... At first I thought some SOB was using it for target practice with a BB gun but when I opened the case up no BB's rolled out and none were around the tree.... The camera from what I can see is damage...
  4. matt hougan

    Wish me luck

    Had a phone interview today with a huge hunting fishing company today. I am hopeful it went well enough to get a face to face interview. I can't tell you how long I have waited and how badly I want this. You prayer warriors out there, I would really appreciate you sendin a few up for me.
  5. Coon Chaser

    Good Luck

    Hope you all have a good season.And a safe one. I will be setting up a small line today.
  6. Curran

    Good luck out there!!

    If you're heading out in the morning to go shoot some ducks & geese good luck & be safe!! Here's to a safe & successful season :smiley_cheers: Oh... and take some pictures TOO!!! Ohio Waterfowl Seasons Fast Approaching Oct 4 Written by: ODNR Division of Wildlife 10/4/2011 News Release...
  7. D

    any luck?

    Anyone have any luck this weekend fall turkey hunting? Pops and I went out. I came close, but the birds skirted shotgun range and I didn't feel comfortable with the shot. I should have been set up over my clover plot instead of my other plot as they were headed straight to the clover. Pops got a...
  8. saddlepants

    Best of Luck

    to whoever is going out and to all my new team buddies. Smack a big one for me and make me feel like I missed somethin OK? I really would rather be anywhere else than at a Casino with my 87 yo mother watching her play and making sure she doesnt get mugged on her scooter but hey, family comes...
  9. tit1eist2

    no luck

    Anybody else forget What it feels like to shoot a nice Buck? The past 3 years all I've shot is one doe. I've passed on some smaller bucks and had encounters with some shooters but for some reason my brother has the luck when it comes to close encounters. I set up all the stands, cut lanes, run...
  10. jagermeister

    Official GOOD LUCK Thread

    Attention TOO Brotherhood: I know it's a little bit early for this, but I'm about to head out the door and I wanted to wish everyone here a safe, fun, and hopefully successful opening day bowhunting adventure. Good luck to all of you guys and gals that are heading to the woods tomorrow! I'm...
  11. Curran

    Good Luck

    Good Luck out there with the smoke poles boys!! Hope to see some pics of dead critters when I check back in tomorrow. Have fun! :smiley_cowboy:
  12. RedCloud

    Need me some luck tomorrow

    If any of you have good luck send a little my way would you :D I have an interview tomorrow morning and I need all the luck I can get to bring the job home with me. This would be a huge boost and help get things back on track for me and the family. Thanks fellas