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  1. matt hougan

    Some nice pics

    Got some really nice photos last week
  2. Big_Holla

    Mock Scrape Pics

    You'll have to forgive me but the date is wrong on this camera. Seems someone forgot to fix it when I put this one out!! The first pic of me finishing up the mock scrapes was on August 18. 7 hours and 51 minutes later that same day it started......Pointdexter showed up and seems to have...
  3. buckbuster217

    Tads 2013 pics

    I finally got out and put out acouple of cameras acouple of weeks ago, one was a bust, just a bunch of coons and a couple does. The second camera had some good pics on it, its situated on a funnel area around 20 yards from the inside corner of a large bean field, nothing huge but some...
  4. Monster Raxx

    One of My Favorite Pics Of The Year

    Here is one of my favorite pics I have gotten this year. I really like the black and white look in the transition phase.
  5. Monster Raxx

    Bear Pics

    I am doing a DIY bear hunt on public ground here in MN with my son and a couple of buddies. Here are a few of the bears coming into my 3 bait sites.
  6. Mao

    Mao's Pics 2013

    Well I decided to check a cam that has been out for a couple weeks that I have super easy access to. I planned on waiting a lot longer, but better deer hunters than myself seem to be on roughly a two week schedule so I thought I would join the club. This is my first pull of the year on one of...

    John's camera pics

    This guy has been showing up on a regular bases for the last two years now. This year he has the privilege of going on the hit list. It took me some time to link him back to old pictures, but after getting out the old computer, I had realized who he was. Without a name he was going to need one...
  8. xbowguy

    Xbow, ZJ and Braydon's Trail Cam Pic's

    Getting a late start as usual. First camera pull should be this Sunday. Had Grandson Braydon out on his "New" 4-wheeler helping to hang camera's. He also freshened the minerals at several sites. His is sure looking forwards to this season. Didn't know how little I knew about hanging...
  9. Bowlowe

    First trailcam pics ....ever

    Decided last year to start hunting...bought a bow and began praticing and then bought my wife a bow. We have spent the last year collecting gear etc. Was able to secure a local farm to hunt and put up a trail cam over a trophy rock...checked the cam today after 5 days and got a pic of this doe...
  10. Johnch

    Deer Cam Pic's

    I figured I would give you guys a laugh for the day I went out to pull the cards from the 2 cameras in the woods behind my house Early I had the normal doe's and fawns Then a group of bucks started going past 1 camera Just as the racks started to grow So did a weed inbetween the...
  11. joejoe8

    this years pics

    With our NC farms being all peanuts an beans this year, it has the deer really spead out. I have over 30+ different bucks but no shooters so far. Sent my buddy in Ohio a camera to run, first card pull had a nice one.
  12. moundhill

    Moundy's 2013 TC Pics

    I almost didn't even start one these because I've had a poor year so far. I'll start my first sequence of pics with a weird deer. I noticed something weird coming out of this deer's head...I'm thinking maybe a chunk of carbon from a bad shot, or maybe she ran real fast into a limb..lol I...
  13. Bowhunter57

    DIY Bullet Puller w/ 9 pics

    I need a bullet puller and can't find one locally, nor did I want to wait to order one online. So, I found a video on YouTube that explained how to build one. I have $10.45 in schedule 80 parts for this one...and it works. :smiley_bril: The Parts: The foam handle plug keeps the gun...
  14. dante322

    previous years pics

    We were having some issues with our computer running slow and needed to get rid of some old pics to free up some memory space. I ended up deleting a ton of trail cam pics from the last few years and saving some on disc. i was just wondering what you guys do with your older pics.
  15. finelyshedded

    Finelyshedded's videos and pics of 2013

    I've had two cameras up throughout the entire turkey season and swapped the cards today. I've already posted a few antler growth pics on my turkey hunting thread but decided to go ahead and start my off season TC pic and video thread like the Cottis clan did. I will continue to run my cams...
  16. Monster Raxx

    Latest trail cam pics

    I did not get to all of the cameras this weekend because of crappy weather but here are some of the better ones.
  17. cotty16

    Cotty and Old Scout's 2013 Pics

    I plan on running at least one camera all year and figured I'd go ahead and start a new thread since there is lots of activity at our mineral spot. We have some bucks showing up and beginning to sprout. Got this great pic of a nice sized yote... What's up with the back legs of this...
  18. Monster Raxx

    Water Pics

    Here are some water pics from behind my house. Thanks to Stic N Pic I was able to get this camera in a spot where there is nowhere to hang it. The first section is completely under water :)
  19. yotehunter

    cant post pics?

    I'm trying to post pics of my turkey, but having trouble. The pic was took with Motorola tablet. Any help would b appreciated.
  20. Outdoorsfellar

    1st pics from new M150

    I just set out my new Moultrie M150 Panoramic cam. Afterwards, I did an update, but forgot to reset the date / time. This cam will take take 3 pics & make into one, if you choose. You'll really be able to see the whole story now. Here's a hen from this morning & a coon from the night. The IRs...