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  1. Big_Holla

    Creek Crossing Pictures

    Sorry everyone, I'v been so swamped with work and the kid's sports the last few weeks so these are a little late in coming. Hope you enjoy!! These were taken with a Covert Red 40 2012 model.
  2. "J"

    Video vs Pictures

    Was just wondering how many of you use the video mode vs the picture mode? I have been using the video mode exclusively for most of the time I've had the cameras and was just sitting here thinking too optimize the batteries and keep my trips too the sites at a minimum I just might go back too...
  3. Boarhead

    Coyote Pictures

    Here are some pictures i took of some snared coyotes.
  4. Gordo

    Gordo's 2012 deer cam pictures

    Well haven't posted in a while but have kept up on the reading. Finally got a pic of a decent buck when I pulled a card today. I'm really turning up the heat lately in terms of trying to find some slungers, so it'll only get better from here. Nothing spectacular but worthy of my first...
  5. Jackalope

    Jackalopes 2012 Spypoint Camera Pictures

    . First cam check of the year.. Both of these cams only had a 10 day soak but i was anxious to see what deer Made it.. I'm pretty sure I have identified the Wide8, 7-UP, and Clyde.. I'm iffy on one I think might be tank, the antlers don't look quite right but the body matches. I haven't seen...
  6. Boone

    Some new pictures

    I took this camera down when I pulled this card because now there are too many people wandering around looking for this guy. The buck has a good start too.
  7. Huckleberry Finn

    Attached Pictures

    Is the limit for uploading pictures at 140? If so, how do I clear out the old pictures so that I can post new pictures? I've got a whole bunch of hot girls in thongs and boobies to post but I can't until this gets fixed. (Ok, not really, but figured that this would quicken the issue...
  8. U

    pictures from the last two days

    this is the squirrel i shot at yesterday this was the last bird in the group of turkeys the lead bird was lucky i missed this was one of the groups of birds that i have been seeing regularly out of my stand sorry dont have pics of my broken arrow from the coyote ill...
  9. "J"

    Some of my pictures

    I've finally got off my butt and uploaded some of my pictures and will going through them too see what I'd like too post.... Got some decent pictures of some bucks, but noothing of the likes that a lot of you guys have lol.... This guy showed up this week and we've not seen him before.... He's...
  10. hickslawns

    Food plot pictures

    Okay. Talking to some guys I was commended on the amount of plots we got put in the ground yesterday. I thought it might be a good idea to post some pictures one of the trail cameras picked up. In reply to JBrown- heck yes, that was a ton of ground we put into seed yesterday! However, most...
  11. Gern186

    More trailcam pictures

    Here are some random pictures from setup #2...... Who says that Moultrie has slow trigger speeds???? A nice series of bucks crossing the creek..... Check out the main beam on the buck on the right..... A picture of a nice young doe!
  12. DJK Frank 16

    Issue Posting Pictures From Taptalk

    Anyone else having problems posting up pictures from Tapatalk? No matter what thread I'm in when I go to add a picture it says "This feature has been disabled by your Administrator". Note: Tapatalk ran an update on my phone yesterday...
  13. Gern186

    Better pictures of big sheds with the original buck

    I took the mount down off the wall and got some better pictures with the deer and the shed antlers side by side.
  14. Curran

    Post your Vintage Outdoors pictures here!!

    The family went back to NE Ohio this past weekend for a short visit & I was able to pick up one of my Grandpa's old photo albums. We spent sometime on Saturday afternoon sitting at the kitchen table looking through lots of older pictures and telling stories. I've heard many of them over the...
  15. R

    Pictures Please...

    Hey Fellas, I am working on another video for TOO. I'd like to feature some of our members and some general hunting. So if you could post or email me (irwinsa1@gcc.edu) a picture of yourself afield and/or a picture from your treestand/blind/cabin, please do. I've got a few but need some...
  16. Mao

    Season In Pictures 2010

    We got the first picture of my buck in August. He seemed to disappear until mid October then we started to get lots of pics of him again. I hunted him hard along with a different buck I was after on another property. I was able to arrow him on October 31st and found him on November 1st...
  17. Gern186

    Pictures of Caribou from 1998

    I just found these pictures from the Caribou hunt that myself and 5 other guys went on back in 1998......I thought you guys might like to see them. Here are my 2 bulls..... Here is our guide "Isaac" with me and a bull.... That trip was something I will never forget and would...