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Season In Pictures 2010


Coshocton, OH
Richard's - Near Dad's Stand.jpg Richards orchard.jpg Richards orchard (3).jpg Deer_Pics_206.jpg blind.jpg Jerry's_Buck_2010_039.jpg Grinch_009.jpg

We got the first picture of my buck in August. He seemed to disappear until mid October then we started to get lots of pics of him again. I hunted him hard along with a different buck I was after on another property. I was able to arrow him on October 31st and found him on November 1st. After I tagged out I worked hard to help my dad get on a buck. He had rough go of it during the rut but kept at it into the late season. He decided he wanted to try and take a deer from a ground blind so I helped him set up a couple and tagged along to try and video for him. We had a couple close encounters with a real nice big ten that I would guess would be close to the 140 mark. We just couldnt get him to come all the way in. Then on December 29th I was along for an evening hunt with him at the Swamp Thing blind. I was lucky enough to capture on video the entire encounter and kill. It was awesome! He just got his skull mount back of his buck and I picked up my mount from the taxidemist today. It was a memorable season that I will have a tough time topping.