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  1. buckbuster217

    prayers needed

    Please place my mother in law in your prayers, we received a call about 2 hours ago from Bethesda hospital in Zanesville informing us she had been admitted and was not expected to make it, she has bleeding from her brain and has been put on a ventilator as she cannot breath on her own. She has...
  2. Diane

    Prayers for my Mom

    I would appreciate any and all prayers for my Mom, please. She's been having some heart trouble for a year now. A-fib and they are having trouble correcting it with meds. Anyway, they live in WV and she is in the hospital. This was scheduled for some type of test today....not sure what...
  3. "J"

    Thoughts and prayers

    Go out too all the folks affected by the tornado that devistated Moore Oklahoma... That poor place looks like a nuke went off in it..... Have been watching the first responders combing through the plaza towers school looking for survivors....
  4. finelyshedded

    Thoughts and prayers please

    My bro Ron(full bore) took our mother to the ER this AM around 6. She's been experiencing some chest pains and was awaken again this morning because of them. She's been having chest pains over this past week. She has been taking high blood pressure meds over a year. Has been going thru...
  5. A

    Prayers needed

    Hey guys, I am writing this cause I need prayers, My girlfriend of three years lost her mother today with her mothers battle with breast cancer. Please keep the family in your prayers. Many of you might recall me writing a thread, about taking this girl hunting, well she is my world, and...
  6. A

    need prayers

    Lost a friend yesterday. I am asking for prayers for all of Ohio University students who knew him and his family. I was with him the night before for a bit, he was a nice guy and always happy. Very sad for a young man to loose his life so early.
  7. R

    Could usea few prayers

    My 1 year old has been sick a few weeks spiking fevers. Docs couldn't figure it out. Finally Saturday his jowls swelled up bad on the left side. We took him to the hospital my wife works at. They did a CT scan and found a 3cm abcess on his lymphnodes. We transferred him to Toledo Childrens...
  8. buckbuster217

    prayers needed

    They transported my 16 year old daughter by ambulance to natiowide childrens hospital with acute pancreatitis and possible gall bladder problems, we are in the ER right now waiting for them to ad mit her so they can start treating her pancreatitis, so if you would keep Darby in your thoughts...
  9. "J"

    Need some prayers

    My nephew is in the navy stationed at the dmz in south Korea... well him and a coworker were involved in an accident last night coming back from work.... he's in the hospital with broken ribs and some internal bleeding.... my sister is a wreck and I'm a little worried as well... waiting too hear...
  10. finelyshedded

    Prayers please

    Stacey is like a brother to my bro and I and he texted me yesterday afternoon that his mother has passed. It was a long battle. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Thanks, Ric
  11. finelyshedded

    Need some prayers TOOZERS

    I just got word last night that my wifes mother who has had cancer(Mutiple Myeloma) recently was diagnosed as having cancer lesions over a good portion of her body. It doesn't sound good at all and her time with us is dwindling very near. It looks like weeks instead of months now. Just send my...
  12. Riverdude

    Need Your Prayers

    Please say a prayer for CJD's and my father. He fell yesterday and hit his head on the metal swing. He complained last night and early this morning that his head was hurting real bad. Mom was talking to him, he started throwing up blood and went into a coma. Rushed him to the local hospital...
  13. Jackalope

    Thoughts, Prayers, and Donations..

    . Fellow Too Members.. This was brought to my attention by a member here... Some of you might know that Ronnie's (Manboy on Archery Talk) family was in a car crash on november 13th. His daughter Courtney 13 years old was lost at the scene. Heather his wife and mckayla his daughter was life...
  14. Riverdude

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Hey guys, just asking for thoughts and prayers for my father. I was rigging down to come home after working on the site since November 02 and my Mom called. My dad had chest pains and is in the hosptial. They are not sure at this time what the issue is. Not the home comming I was hoping...